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Parenting is hard enough, finding the right gear shouldn’t be! As first-time parents, Expecting the birth of a baby is usually an exciting moment in everyone’s life, though being pregnant is always a thing of joy, yet it can also be very uncomfortable and having some hard time.


Therefore, finding a right gear for pregnancy moms will be no #1 priority so that pregnant mom can easily and happily go through the 9 months pregnancy without any hard time, and it shouldn’t be hard enough to get the right gear.


After spending hours researching online, it was clear that a lot of people had their personal opinions, but few sites organized the information in a logical and usable format. Combing through 10-year-old forum posts and thin content sites from anonymous bloggers can’t be the only way!


So we created Pregnancymoms.com to solve these product research pain points, helping new (and seasoned) parents navigate the waters of the multitude of necessary, and life easing, pregnancy gear to make pregnant women life better, healthier and happier.