5 Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow [Update:2024]

by | May 18, 2023

Won’t you agree that the time of pregnancy arrives with its highs and lows? On the one hand, it appears one of the most memorable events for a mother to be. So, the time is equally challenging and overwhelming to deal with.

The circumstances become severe when the bump starts giving an appearance. The later part of pregnancy life is even more arduous for the expectant mother.

Pregnant women keep on trying to find the best sleeping positions that put less pressure on their bladder.

To attain a favorable posture during those sleepiness nights is all you want from life.

Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

A study held in 2015, More than 2500 moms to be were unable to find a comfortable position became almost universal by the end of the pregnancy.

Experts and midwives endorse a few user-friendly pregnancy tools to help expecting mothers. And pregnancy pillow is one of the highly promising bed accessories that help pregnant ladies during their sleep hours.

So, Today we brought you a detailed account, the best C shaped Pregnancy Pillow that varies in style and size to meet individuals’ needs.

Just Keep reading this “Best C shaped pregnancy pillow” with the top recommendation at the end

Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Comparison

Product ImageProduct NameBuy Now
Pharmedoc C shaped Full Body PillowPharMedoc C Shaped Pregnancy PillowCheck Price
Leachco Snoogle Total Body PillowLeachco Snoogle Original Total Body PillowCheck Price
Insen Pregnancy PillowINSEN C Shaped Pregnancy PillowCheck Price
Restrology Pregnancy PillowRestorology C Shaped Pregnancy PillowCheck Price
Chilling Home Pregnancy PIllowChilling Home C Shaped Full Body PillowCheck Price

List of Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

A good pregnancy body pillow that suits your needs will change the experience a pregnant mom has.
You will get comfort and get enough rest without feeling tired and low energy every day.

This is why we had chosen the top 5 Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow to help you. Let’s have a review of the various C shaped pregnancy pillow available in the market with both their pros and cons.

1.) PharMeDoc C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow will be our #1 recommendation in our top 5 Best C Shaped pregnancy pillow.

This C shaped body pillow is profoundly comfy for pregnant ladies. it supports your head, back, neck, hips and knees.

It prevents you from tossing and attaining a less advisable position during your pregnancy.

The close-fitting of PharMeDoc body Pregnancy Pillow keeps you secure and snugly in place. It allows you to curl from front and back by offering you maximum aid.

While snuggling up in this body pillow, you don’t get overheated.

The fluffy filling of full polyester prevents you from getting too warm while hugging the pillow at night. As for the pillow cover, it is made up of pure and high-quality cotton.

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Features Of PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow


  • This pillow has a zipper cover that is removable. Everything of this body pillow can be conveniently washed in the washing machine for user’s ease.
  • This body pillow filling is fluffy and comfy.
  • Hypoallergenic materials are used in the high-quality manufacturing of this pillow.


  • PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow allows your entire body ache free during the whole night.
  • Turning over and rolling over can best be avoided with the use of pharmedoc c shaped pregnancy pillow.
  • It has a cooling mechanism in its material.
  • The two arms of the body pillow are soft and flexible. They can prop up the body according to one’s needs.
  • The pillow jersey cover is of premium quality that is consolidated with double stitched seams.
  • It is available in more than one color.
  • The polyfill is specifically designed to ease the shifts and moves.
  • It is versatile when shifting to various sleeping postures.
  • It cushions head, arms, stomach, hips, legs, and even your feet.
  • The material of the pillow is highly safe for the people who catch allergies handily.


  • The users have experienced ripping after a few months.
  • When it arrives, it may occur solid in the beginning.
  • The head area might be high for some people.
  • Another complaint that is often registered against PharMeDoc Pregnancy body Pillow is flattening after the use of a couple of months.

2.) Leachco Snoogle Total Original Body Pillow:-

Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow is list #4 in our best pregnancy pillow for back pain too. This C Shaped pregnancy pillow aims to improve the quality of sleep for mom to be by providing adequate and comfortable rest time.

The expectant mothers who is side sleepers, this is advantageous for any of the sides to lie on.

You can hug this Total Body Pillow while being on your side. It will provide support to your limbs and knees by lifting one leg over the pillow.

This pregnancy pillow is in high demand by side sleepers. It provides rest to your arm, shoulder, and feet too.

While altering the side, it can give support to your back. This C  Shaped pillow delivers full-body support from head to limbs.

It enables you to cuddle while being well supported to your head, stomach, and even knees. It relieves the pressure and assists in improving blood circulation. 

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Features of Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow

  • The material of this total body pillow is designed to keep the sleeper cool during night time. It highly prevents overheating.
  • The pillow cover is removable and easily machine washable. It includes a sham style cover.
  • This total body pillow offers neck, shoulder, and complete support to the pelvic area.
  • This particular C shaped pregnancy pillow can be utilized by the folks with various heights.
  • The material of this pregnancy pillow is made by the combination of two fibers; cotton and polyester.


  • it’s well fitted with most of the beds.
  • The unique pattern of this total body Pillow conforms to the entire body.
  • This pillow comes with a removable and washable pillow cover.
  • The upper curve has a horseshoe structure that permits you to adjust the height of the pillow according to your needs.
  • It is parallel to the natural curves of the human body to provide balanced support.
  • The pillow can be adjusted with numerous sleeping positions.
  • It provides extra and maximum backing to the spine and the back.
  • You can get rid of unsupported sleep with the help of the Leachco C shaped maternity pillow.


  • It is a little costly when compared with other full-length body pillows.
  • It might feel big to handle for certain people.
  • Its foam is somehow thick when it is new.

3.) INSEN C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow:-

INSEN maternity Pillow is list #3 in our Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow because Its user-friendly design has increased its demand in the market. It comes along with convenient layout and perfect curves that fit the body extensively.

Although the brand is not too famous but the overall design and material used is quite good where i think it worth a review. It might be a golden nuggets for pregnancy moms to have this.

INSEN has developed both U shaped and C shaped type of pregnancy pillow but i will only review the C Shaped pillow today.

The major selling point of this pregnancy pillow that i love is the pregnancy pillow firm and tight yet it is soft and comfortable.

The best part is the size is just perfect,  it is around 58 x 28 x 7.8 inches and 5.8 pounds. It liberates you from using multiple pillows on your sides during night sleep, resting, sitting, or feeding.

It’s completely flexible so I have plenty of room to use it as a pillow when on my side, with some back support and between my knees.

It keeps the perfect balance between comfort and support for my belly and hips.

This pillow assists pregnant ladies in adopting relaxing positions not during sleep only but also while sitting. It relieves hip pain and backache. The pillow provides supports to limbs vastly.

The daily chores while sitting can be made ache-free with the use of a full-body maternity cushion. It prevents you from getting swollen feet due to a lack of support.

Another thing I love about this pregnancy pillow is the fluffy long silk cotton. Its  Premium 7D PP Hollow cotton is designed to provide soft comfort with increased support density as you apply weight to it.

if you are looking for a budget yet comfortable C pillow for pregnancy. This might worth your exploration and be your best buy ever.

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Features Of INSEN C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

  • Reduces Usual Pregnancy Aches
  • The ergonomically pillow designed liberates you from using multiple pillows on your sides during night sleep, resting, sitting, or feeding.
  • It uses polyester and soft cotton to accommodates your belly knees and feet to give you a comfy effect. The pillow cover and the lining cover both appear with zippers. This feature is highly significant to use, reuse, wash, and alter the pillowcase.
  • It is a flexible pillow that can be turned into as many shapes as you seek. It allows youngsters, adults, pregnant women, and older adults to adopt the position according to the situation.


  • Contoured and friendly crafted C shaped
  • Comes with refund guarantee
  • Silk cotton filling



  • It might not regulate the temperature during sleep hours

4.) Restorology C Shape Pregnancy Pillow:-

Restorology pregnancy pillow is another kind available in C shaped cushion that comes into #4 of our best C shaped Pregnancy Pillow. Why?

This pregnancy pillow is designed to follow the natural contours and shape of your body for full-body support.

It is not bulky like other pregnancy pillows that take up a lot of your bed space but yet it is soft and supportive on your back and belly.

It saves your bed space by replacing various other cushions that you separately used for the belly, knees, and head.

This pillow provides support to the entire body with its ergonomic shape. It offers relief from heartburn, sciatica, and backache.

If you are around 5 – 6 feet, You can quickly get fit on this pillow.

Lastly, It is easily machine washable. It comes with a zippered cover that is conveniently tackled for washing purposes. You can also tumble dry this pillow.

Don’t be a fool by the price tag of this. I do doubt about the quality of this pillow in the first place to due the price is so cheap.  but after I bought it I know that I had made a very good investment with every single penny.

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Features Of Restorology C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

  • This pregnancy pillow provides support to the entire body with its ergonomic shape. Perfect size without taking too much of your bed space.
  • it is significant for everyone out there who craves additional support while watching TV, resting on a couch, or simply relaxing for a while. It adapts your body comfortably to rest your neck, arms, legs, and feet.
  • You can adopt several postures while using this pillow. 
  • It saves you from tossing numerous pillows around your body.
  • Easy to carry along 


  • Ideal measurements for covering full body
  • Machine washable and can be tumbled dry, comes with detachable cover
  • Lightweight



  • It might not regulate the temperature
  • The pillow appears without pillow case
  • No details regarding the filling

5.) Chilling Home C Shape Full Body Pillow:-

Chilling Home C Shape Full body pillow is one of the largest C Shaped Pillow compare to the rest. It is fluffy and soft, yet it offer full support to your neck, head, shoulders, back and etc.

Once thing I like about this pillow is you can snuggle with it to secure position for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Chilling Home pregnancy pillow is rank #5 in our Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow because we think its quality is quite good and is fluffy.

Its filler with high density and extra soft bionic polyethylene makes the pillow solid and soft even after a long period of using it.

Pregnant moms always struggling to find the best position sleeping on their side. With this huge C Shaped pregnancy pillow, you can ensure it well supports every single part of your body.

This pillow is also suitable for anyone that experiences back or leg injuries. It helps to lift and hold your back or leg to keep it in the steady-state.

You can use this chilling home C Shaped Full body pillow in many areas. From prenatal to postpartum. Even kids love to sleep snuggle in this large pregnancy pillow.

Note that this pillow is not recommended for sciatica pain, you still can use it but it is not designed for that purpose.

If you struggling with sciatica pain, I will recommend you to check our list of best pregnancy pillow for sciatica pain.

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Features Of Chilling Home C Shaped Full Body Pillow

  • Provides Ultra Support to head, neck, shoulder, back, legs, and ankle
  • Help in relieves fibromyalgia, reflux, congestion, ankle pain
  • Multipurpose usage even after birth. Kids love it as is huge and fluffy
  • It saves you from tossing numerous pillows around your body.


  • Ideal measurements for covering full body
  • Machine washable and can be tumbled dry, comes with detachable cover
  • Huge and fluffy



  • Might taken more bed space

Benefits of C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The C shaped pregnancy pillow appears in the appropriate size, neither too huge nor too little. They are capable of hugging and cradling your entire body without hogging too much place.

They go one step further to wedge pillows and straight pillows. They hold favorable open and closed curves. They allow pregnant women to acquire their favorite position in the best possible manner.

The open side of C shaped pregnancy pillow is highly adjustable to either put between knees, over the limbs or beneath the belly to provide support.

Through its ergonomic design, mothers-to-be can either gain support for their back facing the opened side or even vice versa. It is specially designed to provide a sound night experience to pregnant ladies.

The expectant ladies will not require repositioning this pillow by carrying it as a whole again and again. They can alter to either side without any concern.

The C shaped pregnancy pillows can even be used after pregnancy. One of the super qualities of this pillow is that it’s lovely for feeding the little ones by keeping them to the open side of the pillow.

What Do We Recommend?

The best C-shaped body pillow that we recommend on top of all is Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow. and it was list in our top 10 best pregnancy pillow due to its brand and quality and also feedback reviews by many moms.

Although the structure is deprived of pop and show and additional accessories with it, it is always reviewed as an enduring and reliable product by Leachco.

Hardly any complaints are registered about the flattened or ripping of this pillow over time. The Leachco Snoogle Original C-shaped pillow is free from such drawbacks.

The shape and size of the pillow suit the needs of not only pregnant females but for everyone else in the house with various heights. The horseshoe shape is highly flexible and adjusted to one’s requirements.

The Leachco Snoogle Original Total Body Pillow is an equal threat to expectant mothers and as well as side sleepers or suffering back pain. This pillow allows tossing to another side during sleep.

It offers extra support to your stomach and belly, including the pelvic area, knees, and ankles. This C-shaped pregnancy pillow protects you from swollen and inflammatory limbs.

You can bring it to your bedroom to relish undisturbed sleep and get cozy in your warm bed. Avoid sleep disruptions for yourself and your upcoming baby by snuggling up into this top recommended C-shaped pregnancy pillow.

If you still struggle whether to get between U shape and C Shaped pregnancy pillow? I recommend you to check our article on the comparison U Shape and C Shaped pregnancy pillow. you should be able to decide after you read it.

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