5 Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hip Pain [Update:2024]

by | Jan 20, 2023

Hip pain or back pain sometimes is difficult to distinguish and its soreness affects your day. Besides trying different exercises or methods to relieve pain. 

Sleeping on side with a pregnancy pillow, putting a small pillow under your pelvis point usually help on relief hip pain.

Others cause of hip pain can be weight gain, sleeping position or poor posture. 

Pregnancy Pillow for hip pain

So what is the best pregnancy pillow to help with hip pain during your trimester? Just keep reading our article and i am sure that you will find the best that suits you after this read. 

We had spent amount of time for research and test and come out with the list of top 5 best pregnancy pillow for hip pain

List of Top 5 Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hip Pain

It is easy to choose which pregnancy body pillow for hip pain. As long as the pillow did support your hip, it can help to relieve the stress of your hip. But to choose the most comfortable level and best worth the price pillow. We need to have some information and we will be covering in this article to help you more in making a decision to get the best hip pain pregnancy pillow that suits your needs :-

1.) Queen Rose U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Queen Rose U-shape pregnancy pillow list #1 in our best pregnancy pillow for hip pain because of is affordable prices but amazing quality. It comes with a detachable secure belt to prevent pillow move around while you sleeping.

The premium material as described from the product description.

  • Cover: 100% bamboo;
  • Lining: 60g
  • Nonwoven Fabric;
  • Stuff: 3D PP Fabric bamboo.

The material is CAREFULLY picked and selected by hand, offers long-lasting resilience and durability. 

This pregnancy body pillow has a multi-function that helps improve blood circulation to supply gravida and fetus blood flow and provide complete 360-degree support for the whole body while sleeping. 

With the supreme manufacturing technology that love the most is the adjustable poly-fill that allows me to make it softer and firmer in various areas for more tailored comfort. And also the outside seam evolves, for anyone who feels the outside seam is too sharp when neck close to it, there is no longer having this problem as this body pillow is double seam level on average it.

Looks great on this pregnancy body pillow for hip pain and something that you are looking for? Click here to check the price for Queen Rose U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow with our verified supplier to save some buck!

2.) Pharmedoc C-Shape Pregnancy Pillow:-

Pharmedoc C-Shape Pregnancy pillow shape like the letter of C. It provides support to your back, hips, knees, neck, and head. It also list #1 in our best c Shaped pregnancy pillow

The product dimension 30 X 57 X 7 inches and weight at 4.81lbs. The C shaped body pillow size smaller serves multipurpose use, use it when you want to sleep, read, nurse, or watch TV.

The polyfill material provides the perfect balance between comfort and support for your hips. The hypoallergenic body pillow cover is zipper removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

As per expert mention, pillow covers still soft and comfy after 300+ washes which is incredible. Which is why we list it as #2 in your list of Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hip Pain. 

You don’t need to worry about the quality as most of the maternity pillow out there, the constant problem we found was pillows ripping at the seams. But Pharmedoc C Shaped Maternity Pillow double stitched it all the way around for extra durability, and it is very good hip pillow for pregnancy.

If you need a pregnancy pillow for hip and back pain right now! This will be a great investment for you. You can buy this PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow now from our verified seller to save some money.

3.) Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow:-

The cozy bump pregnancy pillow is an inflatable type of pillow. It saves space while you not using it.

The pillow design with easily inflated and deflated.

The hip raiser design will help the support on the hip hence it will help with hip pain.

This pillow suitable for belly sleeper the two-size belly hole suitable on different sizes of the belly you can simply flip it to another side for a bigger belly hole. 

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Features

This is an inflatable pregnancy pillow where there is a hole in the middle to fit your growing belly when you lay on the stomach.

There is a space for your chest too, so the girls aren’t squished up top.

You can lay with your face down, which feels great on the neck. It can help to relieve sciatica pain and also hips. which is why it has been listed also #1 in our best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers

Overall, this is an excellent deal for a highly functional and practical Pillow, You can buy this Pillow now from our verified seller to save some money.

4.) Meiz U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow :-

The Meiz U-shape pregnancy pillow is one of the best pregnancy pillow that supports your head, back, belly, sides, knee, hip, and feet. It replaces the multiple need on the pillow so you will get your support on hip according to your comfort and need.

This product dimensions as 55 x 30.7 x 6.3 inches which are long enough to support your front and back. When you sleep side, it provides support to your knee and hips which help to relieve the pressure that goes to your hip.

The pillow outer cover is 100% soft velvet which is skin-friendly and Machine Washable. The inner Filling uses premium Polyethylene 7 D Hollow Fiber without smelling retains fluffiness for better performance and longer use.

Due to this, You won’t easily get warm sleeping all night long with this  pillow.

Lastly, The unique pregnancy body pillow is firm but soft. It helps to relieve hip pain, legs sore and swelling by raise your upper body.Help you to relax after a busy day!

If you are searching for the best bang for your buck on the Meiz U-shape pregnancy pillow, then Click these links for the unbeaten price.

 5.) Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow (U-Shaped) :-

Bluestone pregnancy pillow list #5 in our best pregnancy body pillow for hip pain because of its perfect contour shape help to get rid every of your discomfort related to pregnancy like fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, ankle pain lower back pain, etc. 

Primarily known as head to toe support . This bluestone full body contour u pillow size is 60 x 38 x 7 inches provides enough space for your body no matter the kind of change you experience in your trimester.

This pillow also has an interior inner curve like an hourglass. This curve provides support to the pelvic and your back to position your joints properly.

The curve inserted within the Pillow is another crucial part of the product’s design. The design gears towards giving you that pregnancy comfort you need, especially at this critical point.

This ALL-IN-ONE pillow cradles your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned all night long. 

You do not reposition the Pillow when you want to go to bed at night. This stress is absent due to the fantastic flexibility of the Pillow’s polyester fill..

I’ve tried most body pillows out there, and the constant problem i found was pillows ripping at the seams, and this pillow is double stitched all the way around for extra durability.

Furthermore, This pillow cover is zipper removable and machine washable for quick and easy cleaning. Most importantly, This pillow cover is still soft and comfy even after 300++ washes

Blue Stone Pregnancy Pillow

Lastly, what makes it special is the inner filling that uses Polyester Hollow Fiber, and the Outer Cover is 100% silk cotton.  With this superb material it makes the pillow a cool place that you won’t easily get warm during your night.

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Once you get the pregnancy pillow, read and discover how to use a pregnancy pillow for hip pain too.

What Do We Recommend?

So, Do Pregnancy pillows help hip pain? the answer is definitely yes. All the pregnancy pillow on our list of Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hip Pain is the best pillow for pregnancy so far we had reviewed and tested. Depend on individual needs and situations then you will choose a different type of them.

Generally, I will recommend the Queen Rose U-Shape Pregnancy Pillow because of the premium material quality and the supreme manufacturing technology. One of the technologies I love the most is the adjustable poly-fill that allows you to make it softer and firmer in various areas for more tailored comfort. I believe you will definitely love it too!

The second recommendation will be Pharmedoc C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow, its quality is good at an affordable price and provides firm support to your back. If you are suffering back pain during your pregnancy, it definitely a lifesaver that allows your overweight belly to take a good rest comfortably and relax.

Leave your comments and questions about “Best pregnancy pillow for hip pain” in the comment section. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible because we know that you are having the same problem as us.

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you are having the same problem as us.

And don’t forget to share this article to help other mommy that having the same problems!