5 Best Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers [Expert Review]

by | May 21, 2021

Looking for the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers?

You are stomach sleepers and you find that this is the best position for you to sleep.

But now you are pregnant and your belly is growing and you are not able to sleep in the position that you use to be.

This makes you really uncomfortable and you are having sleepless nights due to this.

Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

To aid you in the kind of state to take care of pregnant moms with comfort. The pregnancy pillows for stomach sleepers were designed.

I was a bit skeptical initially but surprisingly the results are so wonderful.

And, I know you will be skeptical too while you are reading this but you will never know until you try it. I am quite confident that it will solve your sleepless nights because it solves mine.

So, what are the best pillows for stomach sleepers?

keep reading this article till the end to find the best body pillow that might suit you. I want your problem to be solved and the feeling of relief that I had when I found this amazing pregnancy pillow with a hole to lay on your stomach.

Top 5 Best Pregnancy Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

There are many types of pregnancy body pillow in the market, but choosing the best that suits you is the most important aspect.

So, We had filtered out the 5 best Pregnancy Pillow for stomach sleepers in the market. With the highlighted features and benefits that you can lay on the stomach.

Let’s move on…

1.) Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow:-

Prenatal massage is essential sometimes. If you need a prenatal massage but your belly is too big. What should you do? where the COZY Bump pregnancy pillow comes into the selection.

This is an inflatable pregnancy pillow with a hole in the middle. Its functionality is to fit your growing belly when you lay on the stomach.

There is a space for your chest too, so the girls aren’t squished up top. You will feel great on your neck as it supports your neck when you lay with your face down. Furthermore, It can help to relieve sciatica pain and also the hips.

Pregnancy moms need some exercises too. And this cozy bump pregnancy pillow will be perfect for moms. You can do all the exercises you couldn’t do before on your belly!

Due to it is an inflatable type, You can imagine even in the summer, you can use it in the pool. Wow! Finally, you found something that you can lay on your belly while relaxing in the pool. Perfect use for tanning your back.

If you are looking for a pregnancy pillow with a hole to support your belly, then Click on this link to get the best price to save some bucks

2). Belly Bunker Pregnancy Pillow

Belly Bunker Pregnancy Pillow ranks #2 in our best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers.

It has a comfortable bed-like design, with layers broken down into segments to support different parts of the body.

The design of this inflatable pregnancy belly bed is slightly different from COZY BUMP Pillow.

It is a slope-type design, where there is a hole in the middle that allows you to lay down on your stomach. But there is no hole in the chest area.

Even though there is no hole in the chest area. The design with the boobs groove is just as good as having a hole on it.

Like any other bed, You can add any of your favorite blanket and head pillows on top for your ultimate sleep at home.

The best part is even though is it inflated, you can still fold it, pop it into the car and bring it anywhere you like. Great for indoor and outdoor.

I can say that this pillow is luxurious in height and width to ensure every woman feels secure and comfortable. Besides, it is designed to support all belly sizes.

With this pillow, you will be able to do all your usual tummy activities comfortably. Whilst keeping your baby protected anywhere, anytime.

Lastly, This pregnancy pillow is also an award-winning innovation & design body pillow.

Give your body that much-craved relief off your spine, hips, bladder, lungs, stomach, pelvis, and knees… ever-growing cackles… and let’s face it ladies… your soul!

If you don’t like a bunch of pillows place all over you . This will be great investment for you. Click here to this Bunker Belly Pregnancy Pillow with our verified supplier to save some buck!

3). Back and Bump Comfort Pregnancy Pillow

Back and Bump Comfort Pregnancy Pillow ranks #3 in our best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. Why? because it is almost the same as COZY Bump, minor design differences.

The functionality and material of this body pillow are exactly the same as Cozy Bump Pillow. The main difference is there is no hole in your chest area to support your chest and chin.

Laying on top of this air mattress with a hole in the middle is amazing. You will definitely feel relieving your back pain while it supporting your belly without any pressure.

This product is an award-winning pillow from Baby Maternity Magazine, Mom’s Choice, and the New York Baby Show. Other pregnancy pillow brands can’t say that.

Furthermore, it has been reviewed by OB/GYN’s & Chiropractors. So mommy can safely use it without worry.

Besides, Due to it is an inflatable type. You can also use it creatively in many areas such as relaxing in pools, prenatal massage, and even exercises.

The elevation segment at the hips reduces the strain on your spine, allowing you to get the most comforts and relaxation during your pregnancy. This body pillow will help you rest and sleep throughout the day and night without tiring you out.

This pillow is also perfect for anyone that is over 6 feet taller if this is your concern.

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4.) HOLO Original Inflatable Maternity Pillow

HOLO Original Inflatable Pregnancy pillow is another good stomach sleeper’s pregnancy pillow.

This pregnancy body pillow is flat compare with the top 3 above. But because it is flat, it is easy to carry even when is it inflates.

Besides, due to it is flat and light, You can easily bring it along for your yoga class, massage session, and even beach. It can be used as pool float tools special for pregnant moms.

Even though it looks flat but it does amazing work by having a rectangular inflatable unit with hole in the middle. This helps to provides enough support to your belly, hips, legs, back, and spine.

The pregnancy body pillow is specially designed with pregnancy comfort in mind and known to help alleviate those pesky pregnancy pains (round ligament, sore ribs, lower back, and even heartburn).

The only downside of this pillow is it does not really support your breast area. But if you place a pillow in the head chamber area, It will help to relieve your breast pressure when you lay on the belly.

Overall, this meets the requirement to rank as the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers because it does the job for pregnant women that always lay on their belly.

Although is a little bit pricey, but it still a good option if you need a stomach sleeper pillow during pregnancy.

Although is a little bit pricey, but is still a good option if you need a stomach sleeper pillow for pregnancy.

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The Above 4 is the inflatable type of pregnancy pillow and it does not come with an air pump or inflator. If you need an air pump or inflator, I would recommend you one of the cheapest portable air pump Etekcity Electric Air Pump Here!

5.) Belly Down Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow normally is big in size that takes up a lot of space on your bed. It might not favor all pregnant moms, some just love smaller body pillows that only supporting their belly.

Belly down Sleeping Pregnancy pillow is one the perfect fit for pregnant moms that love the smaller pillow and it does the job that stomach sleepers needs.

I know what it is like to go to bed expecting to sleep, only to toss and turn because of discomfort. If you like to sleep on your belly down, then this may just the perfect pillow for you.

This Pillow is designed by an experienced Chiropractor who has worked with hundreds of pregnant moms over decades. And developed this pillow to get pregnant belly sleepers to have a nice and comfortable sleeping again!

The pillow is a full 4.5 inches thick which is tall enough to provide a cushion for belly down sleepers. And yet the pillow still fits in a standard pillowcase for easy use and even travel.

It is built from an open-cell foam covered with a 100% cotton cover.

You can even use it as a baby bed by putting them in it without worrying your baby fall from it. Breastfeeding mothers may yet find it useful to cradle their breasts for extra comfort. You can use it as a back support pillow.

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What Do We Recommend?

The list of best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers is reviewed by a number of pregnant moms. The conclusion base on comfortability, functionality, and aesthetics.

But, to be honest, one’s best doesn’t mean the other’s best. It solely depends on your own needs and budget plus the quality and comfort you want.

You really have to figure out your budget and the need which is most important to you to decide.

But If you ask me, I will highly recommend Belly Bunker Pregnancy Pillow.


Because my sister uses it during her pregnancy(She is the stomach sleeper). It has all the features and functionality that meet her needs by supporting the growing belly, relieving pressure on her back. and she is very pleased with this pregnancy body pillow.

This pillow is supporting your whole body from top to toe. Besides, I can say it is a multi-functional bed too as you can use it on any occasion.

Still need more information to make a valuable decision?

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Now, It’s your turn. Let us know which pillow you like the most from our list of the best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers.

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