PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow Review [Features & Benefits]

PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow Review [Features & Benefits]

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow Review

Pregnancy is inconvenient. It is a fact that cannot be exaggerated, and I realized it long ago in my first quarter. As my belly started growing, I found that sleep is not only difficult but almost impossible. Even though I was exhausted, I was just so uncomfortable in bed: my back was aching, and I didn’t like sleeping on my side.

I did my homework and realized I had to invest in a healthy pregnancy before my baby could grow up and make things more difficult for me. So, I went on Amazon to do research and finally settled on the PharMedoc C Shaped pregnancy pillow. Which is probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in my lifetime.

I believe in saying that the PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is the only reason I have completed any sleep during my pregnancy. It has been two nights that I have slept without it since I got pregnant, and both nights were to torture it.

This body pillow is the only thing that supports my back, hips, and stomach while feeling comfortable. At least, as healthy as they can sense when carrying a small human inside.

Keep reading this PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow review to get the idea on the feature and benefits. You will amaze that why this is rated as one of the best pregnancy pillow in the market:-


  • It helps in relieving back pain associated with pregnancy.
  • The C-shaped design helps improve blood circulation.
  • The body pillow is hypoallergenic and contains no harmful substances such as latex or lead. It is also BPA-free.
  • It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. (Read it carefully.)
  • It is guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
  • It supports you during nursing, lounging, pregnancy, or a back injury.
  • The pillow cover is removable and machine washable.
  • People relate it to sleeping on a soft cloud. Have you ever thought that pregnancy sleep would be compared to sleeping on a cloud? Me too! You can read the reviews and check the price on Amazon.


  • The removable cover is a bit difficult to zipping and open.
  • The pillow cover may be different when adjusting the pillow to your liking. Overall, The body pillow received fantastic reviews, but it was a complaint made by some. Like many pros of this body pillow, overcome any negatives.

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Product Specification

Product NamePharmedoc C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Items Weight7.05 pounds
Dimension61.8 x 29.1 x 5.9 inches
Cover StyleZipper
Material TypeJersey Knit Cotton Cover
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.5/5
Price$ 29.84

PharmeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Review & Features

There are many types of pregnancy pillows currently available in the sleep industry market. So you must review the features and benefits they can lend you before making a final decision.

Your sleeping preferences are specific to you even when you are not pregnant, and it is essential to keep your particular needs and desires in mind in a supportive pillow.

Because everyone’s shape and size vary from one to another, especially during pregnancy stages, taking the time to review the details of a next body pillow purchase should not be taken lightly.

1) Unique Ergonomic C Shaped Design

The PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow’s wonderful C-shape can be used in several ways, but it is specifically built to help to sleep on the left side. The reason is that side sleeping is the most healthy and comfortable position for you and your baby during pregnancy.

But one preference does not equal others. In the end, you have to find the best sleeping position for yourself that makes you comfortable and have a great night’s sleep.

2) Polyester Fiber Filling:-

This body pillow is filled with naturally hypoallergenic polyester fiber with a medium to medium plush feel.

It is slightly softer compare with many other pregnancy pillows with a filling that distributes well and keeps your weight well supported.

Polyfill is one of the most popular pillow fillers because of how strong it allows support as well as breathing.

It does not seem to bump or shift on one side or the other of the pillow, and it keeps a beautiful, even surface.

Pharmedoc C Shape Full Body Pillow
Pharmedoc Double Stitch

3) 100% Zippered, Cotton Jersey Cover:-

Unlike a smooth, cotton, or cotton blend material. PharMeDoc knits a soft, 100% cotton jersey to increased breathability as well as a softer feel against your skin.

The jersey knit is a T-shirt-like material explicitly made for stretch and comfort. It helps to remove body moisture and retain heat.

4) Double-Stitch Seams

Stitch seams are important in a pregnancy pillow as it determines how long this body pillow will last for.

Many of the pregnancy pillows in the market do not have double-stitch seams which cause the pillow to rip at the seams.

You won’t want to get a pregnancy pillow that easily ripping at the seams during your pregnancy. If it happens to me I will quite pissed off.

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow Benefits

PharMedoc pregnancy pillow offers you a number of amazing benefits to provide you with relief during your pregnancy.

Let’s check out its benefits one by one.

1) Good for Surgical Patient

Pharmedoc specializes in orthopedic bed pillow support. Same to this PharMedoc C Shaped pregnancy pillow, it definitely has the design factor to help in this area.

It generally helps in spinal pain, orthopedic pain, and joint pain. Practically, this body pillow will easily mitigate the pain related to all types of body joints.

Therefore, if you are suffering body pain issue whether you are or not a pregnant woman. It will help you to achieve better goals for body alignment.

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow

2) Supportive in All Stages Pregnancy

Whether you are in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester. This body pillow will cover you in all stages of your pregnancy.

It reduces discomfort and makes it possible to sleep. It has been challenging for me to adjust myself to sleep, but the way this body pillow fits around my body makes it difficult for me to do anything else.

It can wrap my legs to one side, so my hips align more, and my back is fully supported due to the pillow’s other side.

I can also rest my stomach on the pillow, which seems necessary. I am enough to keep me steady, but not so firm that it hurts ultimately, any less firm, and I don’t think it would be quite useful.

3) Multi-Purpose Pillow

You can place this pillow on your bed, couch, sofa, or even the floor in a variety of configurations!

You can use it even after your pregnancy such as relaxing, reading books, watching tv, breastfeeding and etc.

Also, for surgical patients who suffering body pain, it is pretty useful too as it can help surgical patients to relieve that joint pressure pain efficiently.

4) Easy to Bring Along

This pregnancy body pillow comes with a beautiful travel storage bag. This travel storage bag makes it easy for you to bring along whenever you are traveling.

Pharmedoc - Multi Purpose

Best Things For Which Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow:-

PharMeDoc promises to help ease your back, hips, knees, neck, and head associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more.” And this is not just a gimmick:

Experts have said that body pillows are high during pregnancy: Dr. Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Health. 

“A good body pillow provides support to maintain muscles and bones in a good state, thus reducing discomfort.”Dr. Iffath Hoskins told Romper.

Common Q&A

1) What Is The Size Of This Pillow?

There is different variant of pillow for your selection with different sizes but basically the size is as follow:-

Length57 – 62 inches
Width30 inches
Thickness6-7 inches
Weight7 – 8 lbs


2) Does The Pillow Stay Fluffy and Firm?

Definitely, Many moms have been using this for many months and it still stays fluffy and firm. This is because this pregnancy pillow is using high quality filler that not easily get flat

3) What Is The Filler Made Of?

The Filler is made of polyster fiber which is hypoallergenic in nature.  It fill by medium amount ot polyfill to keep this pillow soft and comfortable.

Polyster fiber has great air circulation to the pillow that makes the pillow cool.

4) Is The Pillow Durable?

Definitely, there is no doubt about the durability of this pillow. The material used to fill the pillows is of high quality, hypoallergenic and the cover is really soft yet strong in nature.  Furthermore, it sew by double stitch seams rather than single seam. This helps to keep this pregnancy pillow last longer.

5) Can I Use the Pillow Even After Pregnancy?

Definitely, Pregnancy pillow is not only been used by pregnant women. Even you are not pregnant, you can also use this pillow as the goal is help to relieve pain and provide you the best comfort You can still use it for sleeping, reading books, watching TV, etc. even after your maternity period.

6) Is it Washable?

Yes, This body pillow can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth. The body pillow cover is zipper removable and machine washable for quick and easy cleaning. Pillow cover will still be soft and comfy even after 300+ washes.

Bottom Line

Like many other full-body pregnancy pillows, this C shaped design is easy to manipulate in other forms for different support depending on your needs. Side sleepers can use long-term body pillows that support their shoulders, head, neck, and abdomen.

Without any doubt, PharMedoc is one of the best pregnancy pillow in the market that you can rest assure on the quality.

I like it because I can lift that side and be accessible on the bed, causing me to be lazy, but trust me: it’s hard to get to bed after getting pregnant.

Overall, I do not invest in PharMeDoc early in my pregnancy, I will be irate, and in a lot of pain. When I traveled, I still tucked it around several hotels that I had met Belfop, despite the looks.

And I also recommend it for someone who is not pregnant but suffers from back or hip pain or something like that: this body pillow provides ideal support and definitely helps you a lot.

I hope my pharmedoc pregnancy pillow review will help you to have an idea and helping you to make a better decisions.

If you still hesitate, Do explore our other review to help you better in your decision-making.

  1. Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
  2. Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Leave your comments and questions about this PharMedoc pregnancy pillow review in the comment section. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible because we know that you are having the same problem as us.

And don’t forget to share this article to help other mommy that having the same problems!

U Shaped Vs C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow [Which Is Better?]

U Shaped Vs C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow [Which Is Better?]

To bring a new life into this world is not a piece of cake. Pregnant ladies keep on getting hard when the belly starts growing during the second trimester. The later part of pregnancy life is more arduous for the expectant mother.

Pregnant women endeavor for sleeping positions that put less pressure on their bladder. To attain a favorable posture during those sleepiness nights is all you want from life.

Is it good to sleep with a pregnancy pillow?

C Shape Vs U Shape comparison

The answer is Yes. A pregnancy pillow helps support the best sleeping position of pregnant women to have a better and comfortable night.

So, Which Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is the Best?

The pregnancy pillows vary in styles and sizes to meet the individuals’ requirements. The U shaped and C shaped pregnancy body pillows are the two most popular designs for pregnant women.

Keep reading to understand more about the difference between U Shaped Vs C shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

Difference Between U Shaped and C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow?


As evident from the name, these kinds of pillows make a letter U in a pattern, hence termed as U shaped maternity pillows.

The U shaped pregnancy pillow is more massive than all the pregnancy support pillows available in the market. i.e., wedge pregnancy pillows, straight body pillows, and C shaped maternity support pillows.


As the name indicates, these kinds of pillows make a C in shape hence termed as C shaped pregnancy pillows.

The C shaped pregnancy pillow is more enormous than the wedge pregnancy pillows and the straight body pillows.

Which Pregnancy Pillow is Best? U Shaped or C Shaped?

Ang Qi Pregnancy Pillow

U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

These pregnancy pillows are like a horseshoe that comes in a large shape

These are the largest pillow when compared in size with other types of pregnancy pillow.

You can place your head on the curve of the U. With one side is hugged and the other side supports the back

With a U shaped pregnancy pillow, the whole body gets support includes the belly and backs. This type of pillow suits pregnant women who prefer to sleep sideways or on their backs.

Pregnant women who prefer sleeping sideways will have better support to the back and belly using U Shaped body pillow.

Its inner contours are actually designed in such a scientific way that it follows the natural curved shape of the body.

The U-shaped pillow has hourglass-shaped inner curves that adapt better to the body’s natural curves.

C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow looks exactly the way it sounds. Comparing its size with a U shaped body pillow, it is somewhat a little smaller in length & is perfect for a smaller bed.

The C shaped pillow provides support to the head, belly, back, and legs. This helps in reducing feet swelling and discomfort in the pelvis.

Pharmedoc C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Its user places the lower end of the pillow between the legs, in a riding position for lower back and hip support. The head can be put to rest on top of the pillow so that and slide the back comfortably into the C-shape curve.

This helps to relieve the pressure off the spine, which is vital during pregnancy.

For snuggling up and comfortable feeling all night, these pillows are of great help. Pregnancy is a challenging time for a woman. And to get through it, she requires to do proper self-care and look for more comfort when taking rest.

The C shaped pregnancy pillows can be true lifesavers.

Dissimilar Features in U Shaped Vs C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

1) Size

The size of C shaped pregnancy body pillow is not that enormous; we mean it’s big but not too big. The smaller-sized body pillow is available as compared to C shaped pillows like wedge pillows and straight body pillows.

They can offer to back to a targetted part of the body. The C shaped pregnancy pillow provides full-body support while you curl up the pillow and get a comfy experience.

On the other hand, U shaped pregnancy pillow also provides full-body support by cradling the pregnant woman within its precise curves. But the U shaped pregnancy pillow hogs too much of your space.

It takes a good chunk of double bed and queen size bed. You cannot simply buy it without thinking about the capacity of your room.

Getting fit in this U shaped pregnancy pillow gives you a feeling that you are resting in a pillow boat. It can even relegate your spouse to some other mattress or sofa.

The size of both the pillows can either be a pro or a con. The C shaped pregnancy pillow occupying less space. It may not allow you to get as comfortable as U shaped pregnancy pillow because of its smaller size.

The U shaped pregnancy pillow may permit you to adopt more sleeping positions than C shaped pregnancy pillows. However, the folks who have space issues can opt for U shaped pregnancy pillows.

2) Design

The C shaped pregnancy pillow has two open arms or curves on one side like a C. While the U shaped pregnancy pillows lack any sort it.

This distinction is again relative. For a few people, the open curves of C shaped pregnancy pillows may provide multiple sleep positions based on sleep patterns and needs.

While for others, it may prove less comfortable to handle. The U shaped pregnancy pillow without any open side provides complete and consistent support to the belly and the back.

Similar Features of U Shaped vs C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

1) Designed for Pregnant Ladies

The C shaped and U shaped pillows are specially designed pillows for pregnant ladies.

Pregnant Moms appreciate its comfortable design. Because it provides balance support like midriff by hugging it front and back.

By shape, both pillows have precise curves that support the growing belly without shuffling it again and again.

Pregnant women can snuggle up in this full-body pillow by attaining the most effective positions while resting their head, back, and pelvic area.

Pregnant Ladies

.2) Provides Full Body Support unlike other Body Pillows

Both body pillows provide full-body support. You can benefits a lot from their user-friendly design by assisting your head, shoulders, belly, and lower limbs at once.

They are symmetrical and bestow your required support to every area separately. These excellent pregnancy pillows can be hugged equally from the front and the back. They don’t leave any chance for rolling to the other side.

The unique design of these pregnancy pillows helps to bear and provide support to the belly load.

3) Don’t Need Repositioning

Every time you try to change your pose or tweak either sides, You can do it without tossing it. Pregnant Moms will not require to repositioning this body pillow by carrying it as a whole again and again.

4) Don’t Need Head Pillow

The C shaped and U shaped pillows prevent you from having multiple pillows tossing on your sides and bestow your required support to every area.

With body pillows other than C shaped and U shaped pillows, you require an extra pillow to support your head. Both of these pillows fulfill this need with a firm and comfy head support.

5) Health Benefits

Because of the size and pattern of these body pillows. It allows pregnant women to be carefree about having any dangerous position during sleep.

The pillow provides many benefits such as:
1. Spinal alignment
2. Limbs Support
3. Appropriate Blood Circulation
4. Pelvic Pain
5. Back Pain and
6. many more health benefits.

Both of these accessories offer relief from body aches that have been complained about by pregnant women. It helps to relieve physical tension and body exertion by providing correct backing to each curve of the body itself.

The inflammation of limbs is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. These body pillows alleviate the situation to a great extent. They also resolve the troubles of ligament stress.

6) Allow Various Sleep Positions

These pillows allow pregnant women to sleep in their best favorite position. Both C shaped and U shaped pregnancy body pillows are adjustable between knees, over the limbs, or beneath the belly to provide support.

Both of these pillows are equally great for fulfilling the needs of various sleepers. They are in high demand not only by pregnant women solely but equally popular among side sleepers and as well as back sleepers.

U Shaped vs C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Characteristic


  • When sleeping on the back, a pregnant woman can rest her head on the top of the pillow and lay on either side.
  • Sleeping on the sideways also becomes easy with these body pillows. As the head can rest on the top of the pillow, wrapping the legs around one side of the U shape.
  • The back and the belly can be fitted into the inner curves of the pillow. Which gives sound sleep, comfort, and perfect support to the body.
  • Pregnant Women does not require to reposition the pillow during the night. One can simply turn from side to side, and the U shaped pillow is a custom fit according to requirements.
  • This body pillow is also ideal for use in reading and watching TV. It is ideal for providing support to the mothers while they help the babies at the correct height for nursing sessions.
  • Many people believe pregnancy pillows are specifically designed for pregnant women. The pregnancy body pillows are very suitable for even stomach sleepers. Its unique design follows the human body shape and is comfortable for anyone who is eager to get a better night’s sleep.


  • The C shaped pillow is designed to follow the natural contour and shape of the body right from head to toe. Not only perfect for sleeping but it also perfect for relaxing as well.
  • Many people feel discomfort when it comes to the position and height of the pillow. This body pillow helps to adjust the comfortable and relaxed position. Allows getting the right position and height to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • The extra length of its mid-section gives the perfect width that is required for the back and belly. Thus reduce the stress from the body and provide a sound sleep.
  • One of the advantages of the C shaped pillow is that it supports the whole body. Therefore, it can help in providing support in case of neutral positioning.
  • This body pillow is designed for people who love to sleep sideways without changing their position frequently.


So, Which is a better U shaped or C shaped pregnancy pillow? Well, Both C shaped and U shaped body pillows meet the necessities of diverse users. As the demand varies from person to person, so does the choice. These pregnancy body pillows are capable of offering you tranquil and restful sleeping hours during your pregnancy and otherwise.

If the open curves of C shaped pregnancy pillow may provide multiple sleep positions, the U shaped pregnancy pillow without any open side provides complete and consistent support to the belly and the back. However, in the case of having less space, you can opt for C shaped pillows. If you can deal with space issues, the U shaped pregnancy pillow can serve as an ideal scenario for pregnant ladies. 

If you need recommendations on this pregnancy pillow
Don’t hesitate to check out the following article

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  2. Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

I am sure that you will definitely find the best one for yourself. And also don’t forget to read our 7 Exclusive Tips on How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow.

Leave your comments and questions about “U Shaped vs C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow” in the comment section. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible because we know that you are having the same problem as us.

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8 Different Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

8 Different Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

There are many different types of pregnancy pillows that come in different shapes, designs, and sizes.

Differently designed pregnancy body pillow serves different advantages and attributes.

According to research, Using a pregnancy pillow does help you significantly ease your body aches and pain.

But, a single type of pregnancy body pillow does not fit all. Therefore, You need to identify what are the best pregnancy pillows that suit you based on your needs.

So, what is the different types of pregnancy pillows?

Types Of Pregnancy Pillows

In today’s articles, Let’s dive into all kinds of different types of pregnancy pillows in the market. When you know it, you will know what suits you the best. 

Just keep reading this until the end.

8 Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy Body Pillow has helped many pregnant moms throughout the pregnancy pillow. Have a better night’s sleep and reduce those pregnant pain from all over the body.

But there are so many different types of pregnancy pillows in the market. You might confuse what kind of pregnancy pillow to get? Which type of pregnancy pillow is best?

Learning How to choose the best pregnancy pillow for yourself is far more important than asking what is the best.

Now, Let’s explore the types of pregnancy pillows so that you can make better decision before buying any of the pregnancy pillow for your self:-

1. Wedge Shaped Pillow

The wedge-shaped pillow is so far the smallest pillow. This pillow designed for relieving strain from your belly when you sleep sideways.

It can be used to targeting other specific areas of your body too that need to be propped up rather than the whole body. It generally in a triangular or round shape.

These wedge shaped pillow are good for postpartum too. As it allows your back has more support and comfort when you are feeding your baby.

Wedges Pillow prop up


As for the form, the most prominent feature of this pillow is its incline. The Wedge Shape pillow has a crescent-shaped and triangular shape with a slope.

The incline gets fit into a specific area and provides support to it.


The Wedge Shaped Pillow is small in format than its competition. The incline of wedge support pillows ranges higher to lower. It ranges typically from 7 inches to 12 inches.

The higher incline can best be used for sitting positions, like reading, eating, or enjoying a favorite TV show. While the lower slope goes best for attaining various sleep positions.

Benefits Of Wedge Shaped Pillow

  1. Small and easy to bring along.
  2. Support your belly, best for side sleepers
  3. Help to relieve pressure from your belly

2. C Shaped Pillow

C Shaped body pillow is designed to follow the contour and shape of your body. It helps you to relieve back pain, neck stiff and lower back pain.

The C Shaped Pillow is perfect for pregnant women with a full body covered surrounding to support your back, lower back, hip, leg, and feet support.

The flexible shape is adjustable when you are reading, watch TV, or baby feeding. This helps to relieve your pain, pressure, improve sleeping, feeding, and blood circulation.

Best sleeping position During Pregnancy


It’s evident from the name that this particular pillow comes in a C shaped. It has a large rear curve and front arms to snuggle up against.

It provides you better sleep throughout the night while adopting different positions with it. It helps to stress off of affected joints and the muscles.


This pillow is large as compared to many of the other pregnancy pillows from wedge to a body pillow. One does not require any extra pillow for the head or any other place by using the C shaped pillow.

Benefits Of C Shaped Pillow

  1. Help to relieve back, hip, and legs pain.
  2. Support and prevent turning and roll over at all times.
  3. Perfect use even after giving birth. Can be used to support babies during breastfeeding

Check Our Best C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

3. J Shaped Pillow

The J Shaped Pillow is a full body pillow. These pillows are ergonomic and allow you to get a good night of sleep throughout your pregnancy.

With the oversized J shaped design, the pillow can follow the shape of the pregnant moms, and it is long enough for you to stretch out and support your body.

This type of pregnancy body pillow helps to reduce pressure from your body weight. It also supports your belly, back, waist, legs, knees, and neck to ease your burden and discomfort.



A letter J body pillow. It is designed to support either side of your body – front or back, head or leg.

You can use the J curve to support your head and neck. Either way, you can use it to support your hip to help to relieve pain.


Compare to C Shape, it is smaller and easy to store. and at the same time, it takes lesser space on your bed.

Benefits Of J Shaped Pillow

  1. Good for side sleepers
  2. Supports your belly, back, and waist for pressure relieves.
  3. Support heads and neck.

4. U Shaped Pillow​

U shaped Body pillow (or U-shaped Maternity Pillow) is a giant “U” types of pregnancy pillows. It covers your whole body from all angles (back, hips, knees, neck, and head).

This helps ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more.

These types of pregnancy body pillows support your back as your belly grows bigger.

And depends on your sleeping position, it can prop upfront and back once you begin sleep sideways in your 2nd trimester.

Total Body Support and help relieve back pain to get better sleep, reducing interruptions throughout the night.

Great for the whole family to enjoy.

U Shape Pregnancy Pillow


As the name suggests, this pillow forms U in shape. It is an ergonomically designed pillow that gives support to every part of the body by hugging you from front and back.


It is the biggest pillow in size amongst all available pregnancy pillows. The size of this pregnancy pillow is that of a small personal boat. This maternity support is highly beneficial in the latter days of pregnancy when the bump is fully grown.

To pen off, we can say that various moms go through different pregnancy experiences. They themself are in a better position to decide when they need a pregnancy body pillow with extra support

Expectant moms can get benefitted from a different pillow in each trimester.

Benefits Of U Shaped Pillow

  1. Full body support from front to back.
  2. Help to alleviate pain from all angles such as the back, lower back, lumbar and etc.
  3. Can be used as a multipurpose pillow, breastfeeding, Reading, and lying comfortably to watch TV.

Check our Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

5. Inflatable Pregnancy Belly Bed​

There are 2 types of design of inflatable type of pregnancy pillow. One is with face holes and another is without face holes.

Compare with other pregnancy body pillows. This inflatable type made of PVC and inflated by air.

Therefore, It might not as comfortable as those made in cotton and fabrics. But because it was made by PVC, it fits perfectly on the massage table if you love to have a prenatal massage.

And also it is perfect to enjoy your summer laying out under the sun or in the pool.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Benefits Of Inflatable Pregnancy Belly Bed

  1. Perfect for stomach sleeper lying on top of your belly
  2. Supporting your big belly
  3. Best for prenatal & postpartum massage

6. V Shaped Pillow

A v shaped support pillow normally used on top of the normal pillow. It helps provide elevation when needed.

This type of body pillow is very useful when you have injuries to keep your neck or head elevated.

In addition, this support pillow provides support to the lower back pain for pain relief.

Normally, Pregnant moms use this pillow in between knees when sleeping sideways.

This helps to relieve pressure from the lumbar and also the lower back.

V Shaped Pillow

Benefits Of V Shaped Pillow

  1. Helps to alleviate back and lumbar pain
  2. Use as a breastfeeding pillow by keeping you sit up better.
  3. Great support for reading. It can be propped on the head or used on top of a normal pillow. Allow you in a more comfortable reading position.

7. Long Pillow (Straight Body Pillow)

A long pillow is like a bolster pillow. But it is even longer and bigger than a bolster pillow.

This pillow is long and provides the entire body with a cushion. It support the belly efficiently and provides good relief for the arms and legs. 

Although it is nice to hug and cuddle, it does not provide much back support, because it can not be effectively put behind the back to provide enough support.

But, by putting your belly in the middle of the pillow, you can wrap your arms and legs around it.

It can still help to relieve your belly pressure and also hip pain problem.

Is  another good option for a side sleeper.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Benefits Of Long Pillow

  1. Supporting your belly to alleviate pain
  2. Big enough to support your back while sitting up
  3. Perfect hugging pillow

8. L Shaped Pillow

L Shaped Pillow is almost the same as J Shaped Pillow. It just that it does not have a curve like J.

The L Shape Pillow is long, which means there will be an excess cushion. It is good to use for lounging on a bed or sofa compare with a chair with high arms.

This pillow is often used as a pregnancy pillow to alleviate sleep pain or as a breastfeeding pillow to relieve back and neck pain.

The long part of L Shape pillow, when you sleep in the front part. It helps to support the big belly and relieve the pressure.

When you adjust to sleeping on your back, It helps to rest your back and relieve your back and lower back pain. 

It is great for side sleeper that love to hug.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Benefits Of L Shaped Pillow

  1. Can be used even after birth
  2. Help to support baby in best position without compromising your own posture
  3. Help to relieve back and hip pain


So now you had known what is the types of pregnancy pillows famous and available in the market.

Amongst the above, what is the most comfortable pregnancy body pillow?

Well, That really depends on the individual. Every single type of pregnancy pillow is designed to help to relieve your body pressure during pregnancy.

Some like full-body support pillows and some prefer small and easy to carry the pillow. But the most important thing is that. Which one suits your needs?

As U Shaped Body pillow is basically bigger that might consume a lot of your bed space. While a smaller pillow might not supporting every single angle of your body during your pregnancy.

You can now check here to see the best pregnancy pillow.

Now, it’s your turn, leave your comments and questions about the “Types of pregnancy pillows” in the comment section. And we promise to answer your questions quickly.

And don’t forget to share the article, because sharing is caring

Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Review

Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Review

Leachco Back N Belly

Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Reviews

Pregnant women need more comfort during their pregnancy periods. This level of comfort is impossible without proper rest. However, it’s really hard for pregnant women to have a comfortable sleep.

The best solution to relax your body is to use pregnancy pillows while you rest and sleep. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed for pregnant women to fulfill their comfort needs.

If you are really serious about your comfort, then we recommend you using Leachco Back N Belly contoured body pillow.

These pillows will support your whole body, providing it a more relaxed sleep. The shape of this pillow is made by specifically focusing on the needs of pregnant women.

The pillow shape is flexible enough to fit all pregnant women.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of this Leachco Back N Belly Contour Body Pillow. This U-shaped pregnancy pillow comes in three variants. Let’s discuss them one by one to see what’s better for you:

  • The Original
  • The Chic
  • The Chic Supreme
Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

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Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Review & Features 

The Leachco Back n Belly Pillow reviews is something different and better than any other normal pregnancy pillow. The shape of this pillow is specifically made to support your back and belly. Let’s have a look at some of the highlighted features of this amazing Back ‘N Belly pregnancy pillow with respect to its different variants.

1. The Original

This Leachco Back N Belly pillow (Original) comes packed with some amazing relief from all discomfort issues that will always keep your body relaxed. Let’s see how it actually helps your body:

i) Neck Support

The upper side of this pillow will always keep your neck relaxed. It will never cause any type of pain in your neck, just like any ordinary pillow. The pillow is not too high or low for your neck, and it’s on a moderate level. If you are having severe neck pain during your pregnancy period, then change your ordinary pillows with this amazing Back N Belly pregnancy sleeping pillow.

ii) Shoulder Support

Some women experience shoulder pains during their pregnancy periods. The best way to keep your shoulders relaxed is to get some rest lying down on your bed. Sometimes even rest does not help. In this condition, you must change your pillow to something that actually supports your neck and shoulders. This Leachco Back N Belly pillow is made to serve the same purpose.

iii) Hourglass Inner Curve

The amazing inner shape of this pillow helps any type of body to perfectly fit in. The extraordinary hourglass shape makes this pillow different from any other ordinary pillows. This shape is perfect enough to keep your body relaxed for longer periods of time. It comfortably fits the natural curves of your body, keeping it calm.

iv) Belly & Back Support

This U-shaped pillow supports both your back and belly equally. The inner shape of this pillow plays an important role in keeping your back relax with proper belly support. Some pregnancy pillows don’t provide your back and belly support because their pillow shape is straight and simple, but this pillow has some inner curves that make it stand out from any other pillow.

v) No-repositioning

With ordinary pillows, you have to reposition your pillows and body again and again. It is not easy for pregnant women to reposition during their sleep time. This pillow covers your whole body, and there are no detachments in this maternity pillow.

There is no need to reposition your pillow again and again. You can simply put it in your desired position and then lay down on it to experience the best relaxation ever. You can turn your body side-by-side if you side sleeper, and it will never disturb your sleep. Which is why it also list #1 in our Best pregnancy pillow for side sleeper

Leachco Back N Belly Cover

vi) Removable Cover

The leachco back n belly pillow cover get dirty really fast, and to keep them clean, they must be washed in a period of one month.

The Leachco Back N Belly pregnancy pillow comes with a removable pillow cover that can be removed easily. You can wash it whenever it gets dirty.

These pillow covers protect your pillow from any type of dirt. Just wash the covers, and you are good to go.

If your covers are dirty enough, then you can consider changing them and buy a new replacement cover.

vii) Machine Washable Cover

As mentioned above that these covers can be easily washed to get all the dirt away, but do you know that these covers are machine washable?Yes, you can put them in your washing machine and wash them until they are clean and smells great.

These covers are made from such a material that you can wash them in your washing machines without the fear of ripping.

2. The Chic

The Leachco Back N Belly Chic Body pillow are pretty much the same with the Original’s qualities, but there are some things that make it a little different from the original ones. Let’s have a look at some qualities of this pillow that makes it different:

i) Fabric Cover

The fabric of the covers makes a huge difference because when you use this pillow, your body, neck, and face are in contact with the upper cover.The upper cover must be soft and clean to keep yourself relaxed.

This Leachco Back n Belly Chic Pillow offers you a 65/35 % polyester/cotton ratio. It’s really great for the smoothness of the cover so that you can easily put your head on it, and it will never feel hard on your neck.


ii) Zipper Removable Cover

The Original Leachco Back N Belly pillow case doesn’t feature a removable zipper cover, it has a removable cover, but unfortunately, it’s not a zipper.

The Chic style offers you a removable zipper cover that can easily be removed for washing purposes. Other covers are hard to remove because there are no zippers included, but this one can be removed and washed real quick.

leachco snoogle pillow
Pillow Cover

iii) Additional Covers

You may want to use these pregnancy pillows even after your pregnancy. In this case, you can’t rely upon just one pillow cover.

You must have at least two covers so that you can easily change them when one gets dirty. The colors of the pillow are also important for some people.

Some people want the pillow cover to match the theme of their room. In this case, they can look for the color that suits their room the best.

3. The Chic Supreme

The Chic Supreme full body pregnancy pillow by Leachco takes your comfort to another level. There isn’t much difference, but a single difference can improve your sleep instantly, and your body will feel much much better. Let’s have a look what’s different here:

i) Fabric Cover

The main and the biggest difference is in the fabric of this pillow. The fabric is much softer than the mix of polyester and cotton. So if it’s not a mix of polyester and cotton, then what is it made of?

The answer is that it’s made up of 100% cotton with three hundred thread count. There are no other materials mixed with it. The cotton is much softer and more relaxing than any other material, that’s why many people prefer cotton pillows to keep all the tiredness away.

supreme Cool

ii) Zipper Removable Cover

The removable zipper cover is the same as it was in The Chic variant.

Many pregnancy pillows have started to use zipper removable covers because of their flexibility. You can remove them anytime at your ease.

The main purpose of a zipper is that you can wash them once they are removed. The zipper is of good quality, and the covers are soft, but they will never rip off when you put them in your washing machine.

So do not worry about it because the quality is just amazing.

Leachco BackNBelly

iii) Additional Covers

The additional covers are usable in many scenarios. Suppose your guests are coming to your home, and you accidentally spilled some coffee on your pillow.

In this case, an extra cover will save your day. You cannot wash the covers immediately; that’s why extra covers are always there to help you.

These covers are available in different colors so you can use them according to the theme of your room. Lighter colors get dirty fast, that’s why it is recommended to use some darker shades for your covers, they will last longer and you there will be no need to wash them too often.

Back n Belly Cover

Is Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body Pillow for you?

The short and sweet answer is a YES, these pillows are for all pregnant women who are seeking some comfort and pregnancy suppport during their sleep. These pregnancy pillows can be used by men and other people having back pain issues. You can also use them if you are facing discomfort during your sleep. As this pregnancy pillow is something different and more comfortable, that’s why you must try it.

The pillow covers your whole body, and it also keeps your body warm in the winter season. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper or your sleep in a straight position of your bed. It’s always recommended to use this pregnancy pillow Back N Belly pillow  to support your neck, shoulders, back to prevent any type of pain in the long-term. So if you are seeking comfort, you must try it out!

Bottom Line

The Leachco Pillow is well known for helping to ease the discomforts of pregnancy. Until now only I know why so many pregnant women love it so much, once you snuggle into it, you won’t feel like moving anymore.

Overall, it’s a safe, affordable, and multi-functional body pillow which promises comfort to pregnant women to provide all over the body support.

supreme white e1584879330430

You get multiple positioning options with this leachco back n belly body pillow without repositioning through the night and It is one of the best rated pregnancy pillow in the market. Once you get it

We hope that you love of Leachco Back n Belly Pillow Review informative that able to already help to you make your decision in getting the maternity pillow that you need

So, why are you still waiting? Get this Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body pillow by clicking on our link NOW. Our tested and verified pillow to give the comfort you deserve.

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Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Bluestone  Pregnancy Pillow Reviews:

Bluestone pregnancy pillow contours to your back while aligning your hips for joint positioning. It is associated with pregnancy and relieves pain fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, ankle pain, and lower back pain.

It is mending according to requirement and also supports your belly, knee, neck, and sleeping arrangement while the pregnancy can be the challenge for a mother with this sleep carefully and tension-free.

It gives the proper shape to your body. Sleep gently throughout the night. It will only support your body. It is an ideal and comfy product for pregnant women.

This bluestone maternity unique product can replace the need for multiple pillows at night and also provides painless and sound sleep. It helps to eliminate the tossing and turning and keeps your body part aligned all night long. It provides equal support to both sides of the body.

If your pregnancy is approaching full-term, and you have swollen legs, back pain, then the bluestone pregnancy pillow is the best solution for all mothers. You can replace the need for multiple pregnancy pillows at night and give you the sound sleep.

Keep on reading this Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and you definitely fine some valuable information for your decision making.


    • Reduce back pain
    • Do not irritate the skin
    • Keep the entire body relaxed
    • Fall to sleep easily
    • Make easy to turn over
    • Relieves pressure
    • Machine washable
    • Double as a nursing pillow
    • Lightweight
    • Generously oversized and long enough for you to stretch out
    • Hourglass inner shape cradles to your body.
    • Full body support
    • Help you sleep better at night.


    • A partner cannot get close to you when you sleep.
    • Less comfortable for taller people
    • You might felt bit too large for bed size
    • Bulky and hard to move

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Product Specification

Product NameBluestone Pregnancy Pillow
Items Weight7.25 Pounds
Dimension60 x 38 x 7 inches
Fabric TypeCotton Cover
Material TypePolyester, Plastic, Cotton
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.5/5
Price$ 39.99

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews & Its Features :-

Bluestone body pillows have unique features as compared to regular pillows. When the women get pregnant first time pregnant could be the thoughtfulness phase.

For that time, you must search for things to make your life less complicated. It would help if you had to look for some of the best multiple functional pregnancy pillows.

The Bluestone Maternity Pillow is the necessary and important product for you during pregnancy. That product will provide you better sleep and more comfort as well as make your life easy and happy.  

Just keep reading our Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews to find out some core features that might help you making decision selecting this full body total support pillow. 

1) Unique Ergonomic Design

The Bluestone Maternity Pillow with U shaped provides full comfort and deep sleep according to your requirements.

It’s available in different sizes so you can use it according to your height. Also, the core feature of bluestone U shaped pillow, you can adjust it as you want.

According to the body, the ergonomic design of the bluestone helps to caress the natural curves simultaneously supporting both necks and tummy.

A mixture of polyester and cotton and features of anti-static, anti-snoring, and cooling effects are in it.

With its tremendous structure and mechanism, you can sleep more comfortably, reduce back pain at night, and improve spinal alignment.

Buy this to get a good night of sleep throughout your pregnancy, and long enough to support both back and front.

2) Pillow Cover

The pillow cover of Bluestone pregnancy Pillow is made of pure cotton, it provides extra soft touch, adjustable, scent-free, comfort for side sleeping, and retains fluffiness for more prolonged use.

The inner Cover material fabric is more potent. The outer velvet cover is comfy with double zippers that are machine washable.

This full-body support pregnancy pillow is on many lists of top pregnancy pillows.

Blue Stone Pregnancy Pillow

3) Adjustable & Easy to Use 

As you know the material and quality of bluestone maternity pillow is awesome. In addition, it’s very soft and adjustable with your body. The material of a bluestone pillow can be transformed in several types of shapes.

You can sleep in various position whether you are a belly sleeper or side sleepers. It does the wonderful job supporting your body from toe to head. Also, it’s very easy to use and you can bring it with you on vacations.

4) Washable & Removable 

The Pillow cover is removable and very easy to use. Due to its cotton quality and zip, you can remove it according to your requirements.

If the cover looks dirty and ugly, you can also wash with detergents to clean the dirt on it. Also, the bluestone maternity pillow can be used for different purposes.

When you’re sitting on the chair, it will provide you more support and comfort. You can use it for sleeping and relaxation as well as for travelling. It’s very beneficial for your back pain.

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Benefits

The U-shaped pregnancy pillows offer you a number of amazing benefits to provide you with relief during your pregnancy period. Let’s have a look at its benefits one by one.

1) Itching Solution 

Usually, women might have itching problems in the belly. Women find it hard to get a comfortable sleeping position due to a situation in back pain. 

In this case, a new bluestone maternity pillow is the right solution that allows pregnant bodywork for a restful morning with any body aches. It is free from phthalate, lead, BPA.

Bluestone body pillows have this unique features as compared to regular pillows.

Blue Stone Pregnancy Pillow
pregnancy pain relief

2)Pressure And Pain Releaser

The Bluestone Maternity Pillow helps you to release pain and pressure on your Tummy.

With its moveable feature, it provides you relief and comfort and you can adjust it according to your body shape.

In this way, it can be a good source of releasing stress, pain and pressure. You can easily get rid of the joint pain and it also provides comfort to your joints.

Due to its adjustable feature, it will provide complete support and good position to your joints.

3) Ease and Comfortable

Do you want to get it? But the primary focus to get is given that we could supply adequate. It supports the belly and back when you sleep.

The cushions have grown to be a favorite among expecting mothers because they no longer have to switch their Pillow if they switch positions.

You may like the design of a full body pillow before making any wrong decision about the product, first read it.

Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow1

4) Multi Purpose Usage

It replaces the need for multiple pads during pregnancy because it can wrap around a pregnant body and support the head, neck, back, and bump and help keep her knees aligned all at once

Also, bluestone pregnancy pillow can easily be formed into numerous positions, support in watching TV, reading books, and relaxing long enough to stretch out.

Roll your body more into a relaxing place.

This Pillow is a plush option and ideal for a pregnant body. The full-body contour you Pillow follows the curve-shaped of the body. If it gets dirty, no problem since this maternity pillow has a machine washable removable cover. Get a belly support position for sleeping, reading.

I believe you will find this Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow Reviews informative and will guide you into an excellent decision, surely.

Why You Should Choose Bluestone Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy moms usually will experience some tough experience during pregnancy, Hip Pain, back pain, sciatica pain and etc, this usually cause by the extra weight in your belly, and this seriously impacting pregnant moms health.  “You should not ignore this.”

Pregnancy pillow is designed to help to reduce the pain that pregnant moms is having. Which is why in new generation of pregnancy moms, many has start using pregnancy pillow and it does help alot of moms solving this issue.

while Bluestone pregnancy pillow is list #5 in our best pregnancy pillow for hip pain. therefore if you have this issue, this pregnancy pillow is just perfect for you. and i strongly believe after you try it, you will feel unbelievable how it feels.

Bottom Line

Expectant moms reported that this relaxing Pillow is much better than a traditional crescent-shaped Pillow.

Look at our listed features and reviews on bluestone pregnancy full body pillows for various sleep styles that this pregnancy pillow can offer.

If you ask me, i will definitely say “yes”. Instead of using multiple pillow cause between your legs of any part of your body. It is best to get a full total body support pregnancy pillow that support you during the whole pregnancy.

You will definitely fine it very much different compare to previous pregnancy that you had without this pregnancy pillow.

Ang Qi Pregnancy Pillow

Furthermore, because of its U Shaped, It helps to relieve pressure from all over the body wherever you need easily yet you can use it for so long even after your pregnancy. It really worth the investment for pregnant moms. 

If you still want to explore more other option on U shape Pregnancy pillow. Click here for our best U shaped Pregnancy Pillow.

Leave your comments and questions about this Bluestone pregnancy pillow reviews in the comment section. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible because we know that you are having the same problem as us.

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