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EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet Review

In the world of baby gear, finding the perfect bassinet can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

It needs to be safe, comfortable, and convenient for both you and your little one. Enter the EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet, a product that promises to meet all your needs and then some.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the features, pros, and cons of this popular bassinet to help you make an informed decision for your baby’s sleep environment.

Keep reading this complete review of EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet and I am sure you don’t want to miss out on any information to get the best baby bassinet for your baby.



    • Easy to assemble and dismantle
    • Easy to fold – just need 1 sec
    • Mesh allow ventilation and monitoring
    • Comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • Easy to carry


    • Do not have rock and vibrate features
    • No Storage Space

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Product Specification

Product NameEvenflo Loft Portable Bassinet
Age Limit up to 6 month
Item Weight10 lbs
Weight Limit20 lbs
Mattress Size15 x33 x 2 inches
Sheet Size7.9 x 6 x 1.8 inches
Dimension33.75 x 20.5 x 26.75 inches
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.7/5
Price$ 64.99

EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet Reviews & Features

The Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet is a versatile and convenient sleeping solution for infants, designed with a range of features to ensure safety, comfort, and ease of use.

In this comprehensive overview, we’ll delve into its key features, providing a detailed analysis to assist potential buyers in making informed decisions.

1) Portability and Compact Design

One of the standout features of the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet is its portability and compact design.

This bassinet is crafted with convenience in mind, making it ideal for parents who are frequently on the go.

Its lightweight construction and foldable frame allow for easy transportation and storage, whether you’re traveling across town or embarking on a longer journey.

The bassinet’s compact footprint ensures that it can fit comfortably in various spaces, from cramped hotel rooms to cozy nursery corners.

This portability enables parents to provide a familiar and secure sleeping environment for their infant wherever they may be, promoting restful sleep and peace of mind.

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2) Breathable Mesh Panels

: Safety is paramount when it comes to infant sleep products, and the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet prioritizes this aspect with its breathable mesh panels.

These panels are strategically incorporated into the bassinet’s design to promote optimal airflow, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring a comfortable sleeping temperature for your baby.

The mesh sides also offer the added benefit of enhanced visibility, allowing parents to easily check on their little one without disturbing their slumber.

Additionally, the breathable mesh construction contributes to a safer sleep environment by minimizing the risk of suffocation and promoting healthy air circulation within the bassinet.

3) Bluetooth Speaker to play-music, soft-nightlight

Introducing the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet, suitable for both boys and girls.

This innovative bassinet comes equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to play soothing music to lull your little one to sleep.

Additionally, it features a soft nightlight to provide a gentle glow for nighttime feedings or diaper changes.

With its portable design, you can easily move it from room to room, ensuring your baby’s comfort wherever you go.

The Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet combines convenience, functionality, and comfort to create the perfect sleeping environment for your precious bundle of joy.

Bluetooth Speaker
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4) Easy-to-Clean Fabrics and Mattress Pad

Keeping your baby’s sleeping environment clean and hygienic is essential for their health and well-being.

The Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet simplifies this task with its easy-to-clean fabrics and mattress pad.

The bassinet features removable and machine-washable fabric components, allowing for effortless maintenance and upkeep.

Accidental spills, stains, and messes can be quickly addressed, ensuring that your baby always has a fresh and sanitary place to sleep. A

dditionally, the mattress pad is designed for easy removal and cleaning, further enhancing the bassinet’s hygiene and longevity.

By providing a hassle-free cleaning experience, this feature saves parents time and effort, allowing them to focus on what matters most: caring for their little one.

5) Versatile Use:

 Another key feature of the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet is its versatility.

It can be used in various settings, including at home, while visiting friends or family, or even outdoors.

The bassinet’s sturdy yet lightweight construction makes it suitable for use on different surfaces, ensuring that your baby can sleep safely and comfortably wherever you go.

Additionally, the bassinet’s sleek and modern design means it will complement any nursery or living space, adding a touch of style to your baby’s sleeping area.


EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet Benefits

The EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet offers a myriad of benefits for both babies and parents, making it an essential addition to any nursery. Here are some of its key advantages:

1. Portability: Its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to move around the house or take it on trips, allowing your baby to sleep comfortably wherever you go.

2. Space-saving: Ideal for small spaces or apartments where a full-sized crib might not fit, the EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet provides a cozy sleeping space without taking up too much room.

3. Versatility: It can be used as a bedside sleeper, allowing you to keep your baby close during the night for easy feeding and comforting, while still maintaining a safe sleeping environment.

4. Breathability and comfort: The mesh sides promote airflow, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

5. Easy assembly and cleaning: With simple assembly and a removable mattress pad, the EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet is convenient to set up and maintain cleanliness.

6. Safety features: Designed with safety in mind, it meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards, providing peace of mind for parents.

7. Stylish design: Its modern and sleek appearance adds a touch of style to any nursery or room decor.

8. Affordability: Compared to larger cribs or bassinets, the EvenFlo Loft Portable Bassinet is often more affordable, making it an excellent option for budget-conscious parents without compromising on quality or safety.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet offers a host of features designed to enhance convenience, safety, and comfort for both babies and parents.

Its portability and compact design make it an excellent choice for families on the go, while breathable mesh panels ensure optimal airflow and visibility.

The adjustable canopy with a sun visor provides reliable sun protection, and easy-to-clean fabrics and mattress pad simplify maintenance.

With these key features, the Evenflo Loft Portable Bassinet offers a versatile and practical sleeping solution for infants, enabling parents to provide a secure and comfortable environment wherever their adventures take them.

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