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Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Reviews

Pregnant women need more comfort during their pregnancy periods. This level of comfort is impossible without proper rest. However, it’s really hard for pregnant women to have a comfortable sleep.

The best solution to relax your body is to use pregnancy pillows while you rest and sleep. Pregnancy pillows are specially designed for pregnant women to fulfill their comfort needs.

If you are really serious about your comfort, then we recommend you using Leachco Back N Belly contoured body pillow.

These pillows will support your whole body, providing it a more relaxed sleep. The shape of this pillow is made by specifically focusing on the needs of pregnant women.

The pillow shape is flexible enough to fit all pregnant women.

Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of this Leachco Back N Belly Contour Body Pillow. This U-shaped pregnancy pillow comes in three variants. Let’s discuss them one by one to see what’s better for you:

  • The Original
  • The Chic
  • The Chic Supreme
Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

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Leachco Back N Belly Pillow Review & Features 

The Leachco Back n Belly Pillow reviews is something different and better than any other normal pregnancy pillow. The shape of this pillow is specifically made to support your back and belly. Let’s have a look at some of the highlighted features of this amazing Back ‘N Belly pregnancy pillow with respect to its different variants.

1. The Original

This Leachco Back N Belly pillow (Original) comes packed with some amazing relief from all discomfort issues that will always keep your body relaxed. Let’s see how it actually helps your body:

i) Neck Support

The upper side of this pillow will always keep your neck relaxed. It will never cause any type of pain in your neck, just like any ordinary pillow. The pillow is not too high or low for your neck, and it’s on a moderate level. If you are having severe neck pain during your pregnancy period, then change your ordinary pillows with this amazing Back N Belly pregnancy sleeping pillow.

ii) Shoulder Support

Some women experience shoulder pains during their pregnancy periods. The best way to keep your shoulders relaxed is to get some rest lying down on your bed. Sometimes even rest does not help. In this condition, you must change your pillow to something that actually supports your neck and shoulders. This Leachco Back N Belly pillow is made to serve the same purpose.

iii) Hourglass Inner Curve

The amazing inner shape of this pillow helps any type of body to perfectly fit in. The extraordinary hourglass shape makes this pillow different from any other ordinary pillows. This shape is perfect enough to keep your body relaxed for longer periods of time. It comfortably fits the natural curves of your body, keeping it calm.

iv) Belly & Back Support

This U-shaped pillow supports both your back and belly equally. The inner shape of this pillow plays an important role in keeping your back relax with proper belly support. Some pregnancy pillows don’t provide your back and belly support because their pillow shape is straight and simple, but this pillow has some inner curves that make it stand out from any other pillow.

v) No-repositioning

With ordinary pillows, you have to reposition your pillows and body again and again. It is not easy for pregnant women to reposition during their sleep time. This pillow covers your whole body, and there are no detachments in this maternity pillow.

There is no need to reposition your pillow again and again. You can simply put it in your desired position and then lay down on it to experience the best relaxation ever. You can turn your body side-by-side if you side sleeper, and it will never disturb your sleep. Which is why it also list #1 in our Best pregnancy pillow for side sleeper

Leachco Back N Belly Cover

vi) Removable Cover

The leachco back n belly pillow cover get dirty really fast, and to keep them clean, they must be washed in a period of one month.

The Leachco Back N Belly pregnancy pillow comes with a removable pillow cover that can be removed easily. You can wash it whenever it gets dirty.

These pillow covers protect your pillow from any type of dirt. Just wash the covers, and you are good to go.

If your covers are dirty enough, then you can consider changing them and buy a new replacement cover.

vii) Machine Washable Cover

As mentioned above that these covers can be easily washed to get all the dirt away, but do you know that these covers are machine washable?Yes, you can put them in your washing machine and wash them until they are clean and smells great.

These covers are made from such a material that you can wash them in your washing machines without the fear of ripping.

2. The Chic

The Leachco Back N Belly Chic Body pillow are pretty much the same with the Original’s qualities, but there are some things that make it a little different from the original ones. Let’s have a look at some qualities of this pillow that makes it different:

i) Fabric Cover

The fabric of the covers makes a huge difference because when you use this pillow, your body, neck, and face are in contact with the upper cover.The upper cover must be soft and clean to keep yourself relaxed.

This Leachco Back n Belly Chic Pillow offers you a 65/35 % polyester/cotton ratio. It’s really great for the smoothness of the cover so that you can easily put your head on it, and it will never feel hard on your neck.


ii) Zipper Removable Cover

The Original Leachco Back N Belly pillow case doesn’t feature a removable zipper cover, it has a removable cover, but unfortunately, it’s not a zipper.

The Chic style offers you a removable zipper cover that can easily be removed for washing purposes. Other covers are hard to remove because there are no zippers included, but this one can be removed and washed real quick.

leachco snoogle pillow
Pillow Cover

iii) Additional Covers

You may want to use these pregnancy pillows even after your pregnancy. In this case, you can’t rely upon just one pillow cover.

You must have at least two covers so that you can easily change them when one gets dirty. The colors of the pillow are also important for some people.

Some people want the pillow cover to match the theme of their room. In this case, they can look for the color that suits their room the best.

3. The Chic Supreme

The Chic Supreme full body pregnancy pillow by Leachco takes your comfort to another level. There isn’t much difference, but a single difference can improve your sleep instantly, and your body will feel much much better. Let’s have a look what’s different here:

i) Fabric Cover

The main and the biggest difference is in the fabric of this pillow. The fabric is much softer than the mix of polyester and cotton. So if it’s not a mix of polyester and cotton, then what is it made of?

The answer is that it’s made up of 100% cotton with three hundred thread count. There are no other materials mixed with it. The cotton is much softer and more relaxing than any other material, that’s why many people prefer cotton pillows to keep all the tiredness away.

supreme Cool

ii) Zipper Removable Cover

The removable zipper cover is the same as it was in The Chic variant.

Many pregnancy pillows have started to use zipper removable covers because of their flexibility. You can remove them anytime at your ease.

The main purpose of a zipper is that you can wash them once they are removed. The zipper is of good quality, and the covers are soft, but they will never rip off when you put them in your washing machine.

So do not worry about it because the quality is just amazing.

Leachco BackNBelly

iii) Additional Covers

The additional covers are usable in many scenarios. Suppose your guests are coming to your home, and you accidentally spilled some coffee on your pillow.

In this case, an extra cover will save your day. You cannot wash the covers immediately; that’s why extra covers are always there to help you.

These covers are available in different colors so you can use them according to the theme of your room. Lighter colors get dirty fast, that’s why it is recommended to use some darker shades for your covers, they will last longer and you there will be no need to wash them too often.

Back n Belly Cover

Is Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body Pillow for you?

The short and sweet answer is a YES, these pillows are for all pregnant women who are seeking some comfort and pregnancy suppport during their sleep. These pregnancy pillows can be used by men and other people having back pain issues. You can also use them if you are facing discomfort during your sleep. As this pregnancy pillow is something different and more comfortable, that’s why you must try it.

The pillow covers your whole body, and it also keeps your body warm in the winter season. It doesn’t matter if you are a side sleeper or your sleep in a straight position of your bed. It’s always recommended to use this pregnancy pillow Back N Belly pillow  to support your neck, shoulders, back to prevent any type of pain in the long-term. So if you are seeking comfort, you must try it out!

Bottom Line

The Leachco Pillow is well known for helping to ease the discomforts of pregnancy. Until now only I know why so many pregnant women love it so much, once you snuggle into it, you won’t feel like moving anymore.

Overall, it’s a safe, affordable, and multi-functional body pillow which promises comfort to pregnant women to provide all over the body support.

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You get multiple positioning options with this leachco back n belly body pillow without repositioning through the night and It is one of the best-rated pregnancy pillows on the market. Once you get it

We hope that you love of Leachco Back n Belly Pillow Review informative that able to already help you make your decision in getting the maternity pillow that you need

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