Discover Your Best Pregnancy Sleeping Position

Discover Your Best Pregnancy Sleeping Position

With today’s article, you are going to be benefited from the detailed account of the best pregnancy sleeping position while you are holding a baby in your womb.

It has been the concern of every expectant mom out there. She wants to prevent from every sleeping posture that can fetch an opportunity to harm herself or her baby in any way. The pregnant women also seem conscious of understanding which sleeping position could be proved best to their fetus and as well as for themselves.

This article will address all of the above issues. It will also eradicate all the myths and confusions that are troublesome for pregnant ladies with regards to their body postures during their sleep time.

Best position to sleep when pregnant

Best Position to Sleep While Pregnant

In today’s article, I will help you to find the best sleeping position when pregnancy, so that you can have a nice and comfortable good night sleep too. lol

But, Before going right into sleeping positions, we would through some light on the disturbed sleep patterns of a pregnant woman.

1) Why Pregnant Ladies Suffer from Sleep Inadequacy?

It is a fact that during pregnancy, a woman takes care of not only herself but as well as the life growing in her womb. It becomes difficult at times, even to sit, sleep, and turn over. When bump starts giving the appearance, it becomes a challenge to attain a right position to lie down and sleep.

According to a study that was held in 2015 about finding out the sleep issues in pregnant women states: –
“Frequent urination and difficulty finding a comfortable position frequently disturb sleep. All women should be screened and treated for sleep disturbances throughout pregnancy.”

The results of the study depict that night awakening, trips to the bathroom, lack of sleep are found in all 2500 expectant women that were studied under the above research.

Suffer from Sleep Inadequacy

The statistics of this research strengthen the claim and discovers that the 76% of women with low sleep quality, 38% of the women with inadequacy of nighttime sleep and 49% moms to be suffered from day time sleep.

2) What are Various Sleeping Position for Pregnant Women?

Every individual is habitual of adopting a posture that she feels most relaxed in. However, these postures may get modified when a lady is developing a baby in her womb.

Many of the pregnant women are back sleepers. Few of the mothers desire to sleep on their stomachs to get a cozy night sleep. While a few crave to always lay on their sides, either left or right.

3) Is there any Sleeping Position during Pregnancy that is ranked on Top of All?

Do you wonder, what exactly are those positions that can be adopted without being hesitant during your pregnancy?  Many ladies get stuck in the question of what is best position to sleep while pregnant should be approved and what should be avoided during sleep.

Well, yes, out of many possible sleep positions that a mother can adopt, there lies a posture that can be declared as the safest and healthiest for your pregnant body. The doctors and sleep experts highly recommend this position for the safety of the fetus as well.

In other words, it has ranked on the top of all sleeping positions that a pregnant lady can opt for. As the most advisable position, it can be termed as medically ‘the best’ sleep posture during pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Sleeping Position

1) What is Overall, the Most Advisable and the Best Sleeping Position For Pregnancy?

As the belly grows week by week, pregnant lady sleeping position keep on transforming too from one posture to another, from your favorite one to the feasible one, from less preferable and advisable to the most preferable and advisable.

However, sleeping left side in pregnancy has the most favorable medical effects on the growing baby. 

How does lying on the left side affect the pregnant body? Sleeping on the side and particularly on the left side, increases the flow of blood to the maximum.

Best sleeping position During Pregnancy

This particular sleeping position puts less pressure and constrains on the Inferior vena cava, the vein that carries blood from the heart, and then to the baby in the womb.

The less stress allows better functioning of the liver and kidney. As a result, there is less joint pain, swelling, and damage on hands, feet, and ankles.

2) What is the Best Sleeping Position in Pregnancy For First Trimester?

The first trimester entails the early days of pregnancy, when most of the time, adopting any sleep position does not become an issue.

The bump is not grown, so the body is capable of going into any posture as usual. Hence in the initial days, expectant mom can sleep whatever position she believes herself cozy in.

In the first trimester, the sleep disruptions are never due to the interference of uterus, but because of other pregnancy transitions.

The fluctuating level of progesterone gives rise to night cravings, nausea, dizziness, hunger, and other hormonal changes.

The early signs of pregnancy, including fatigue, can cause sleep inadequacy in pregnant women.

Safe Sleeping Positions during First Trimester of Pregnancy

However, exceptions are always there. If an expectant mom complains the ache anywhere in her body in the 1st trimester, best position to sleep in early pregnancy, she could take advantage of an extra pillow between legs while lying on the side.

If she needs something extra or even more relaxing, she can also opt for an maternity pillow from our best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers.

3) What is the Best Sleeping Position for Second Trimester?

In the second trimester, the bump starts appearing, and the growth of the baby is rapidly recognized. In many of the women, various body aches like joint pain, hip pain, and backache start arising.

In the later part of the second trimester, the conventional sleeping positions may get troublesome. According to the experts, lying on the side, preferably the left one, could provide you relief.

However, pregnancy pillows can also be highly advantageous to provide mom-to-be the targeted support to the particular body area.

You should also make sure that the mattress should not be too soft at this time of your pregnancy. You can slip down a board beneath your sheets to control the sagging of the body.

Sleeping position 2nd trimester

If you are a stomach sleepers, you would be less desiring this position after 18 weeks of the pregnancy. Although this is not entirely forbidden, but you would certainly not like the feeling of lying on a small ball.

4) What is the Best Sleeping Position For Third Trimester Of Pregnancy?

best sleeping position for a pregnant woman in her third trimester? It is the most critical time with regards to body positions and postures. The struggle to attain an ache-free sleeping position is the hardest thing to acquire in the third and last trimester of pregnancy life.

The bump is all grown, and the baby is entirely made in the latter days of pregnancy. The uterus has stretched to maximum to intervene in your sitting, laying, and sleeping postures.

Laying on the left side could alleviate some of your complications. However, a semi sleeping position could also be adopted on a cozy chair.

It is the time when pregnancy pillows or maternity support pillows can serve you to a great extent. The U or C shaped full-body pillows allow you to cradle yourself by hugging you from front and back. These pillows assist in pain relief and resting of every portion separately.

Sleeping position 3rd trimester

5) What is the Best Pregnancy Sleeping Positions to Minimize Heartburn and Lower Body Pain?

The swelling of feet and ankles is a common phenomenon in pregnant ladies. The pull or lack of support to the lower area of the body aggravates swelling and pain. By placing pillows under feet elevates the limbs that can bring relief to the aching and swelling.

Another everyday ordeal, expectant mothers go through, is heartburn. This situation can be controlled by elevating the upper body. Raising the upper body with the assistance of pillows can alleviate the hurt burn.

For additional back support, full-body pillows can be highly beneficial. It provides rest and extra support to arms, legs, belly, and the back.

What Sleeping Positions are Less Advisable During Pregnancy?

1) Stomach Sleeping Styles During Pregnancy

Some of the women are habitual of sleeping on their stomachs. It is hard for them to control their habit even in pregnancy. In the first trimester, sleeping on the stomach can not be harmful in any way.

However, in the latter part of the pregnancy, stomach sleepers may find it challenging to opt for this position voluntarily. They might wake up being on their stomachs because of their habit. It is not as harmful as portrayed.

The women can go manage with it. As several pregnant ladies find it quite comfortable to sleep on the stomach while taking the support of extra pillows on both sides.

Remember, pregnancy is not the same for everyone. If one woman can comfortably sleep on the stomach in the second trimester, another woman may get fatigued and receive aches due to this sleeping position.

So the sleep therapists regard stomach sleeping less advisable than the side sleeping after the first trimester.

2) Back Sleeping Styles During Pregnancy

According to a study held back in April 2019, the habit of back sleeping during pregnancy can increase the rate of stillbirth.

However, this includes permanent sleeping on the back rather than accidentally moving and rolling onto the back during sleep time. Due to this reason, many experts are of the view that sleeping on the back does not necessarily bring a negative impact.

The women who are conscious and often find themselves sleeping on their backs, during the night time, can obtain supports from the pillows. The extra support of the pillows prevents the body from being straight on back and make it possible for you to lay on your side for most of the sleeping hours.

What Factors do Provide Aid to Sleeping while being Pregnant?

Want to have a vigorous and adequate sleep experience during your pregnancy? The following is the list of few sleep aids that can enrich the quality of your sleep during a hard time of your pregnancy life.

These sleeping aids may assist you in bringing down your fatigue level and sleep disruptions.

Having Light Meals before Sleep Time

1) Having Light Meals before Sleep Time

The pregnant ladies should avoid stuffing everything into their mouths before they go to bed. It will result in poor digestion. The struggling digestive system can cause serious health issues for both the mother and the baby.

2) Have Less Fatty Meals

One of the leading causes of heartburn is consuming a large amount of fatty and heavy meals. Reducing fatty meals can solve the heartburn problem to a great extent.

3) Use of Pregnancy Pillows

As the uterus expands, pregnant ladies feel the dire need of extra support to legs, knees, belly, and feet. In the latter part of the pregnancy, when adopting an ache-free position while lying and sleeping becomes a challenge, maternity support pillows work tremendously and boost sleep quality.

4) Use of Antacid

The use of Antacid can also be beneficial for pregnant women. However, OTC drugs can be utilized in pregnancy, but it is better to consult a doctor before opting for them. Because of the fact, everyone’s body differs from another.

sleeping position during 1st trimester

5) Use of Supplements

The supplements can treat commonly observed anomalies such as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). However, it is significant to take advice from your healthcare practitioner regarding the dose of iron, folic acid, and test of vitamin deficiencies.

Sleeping Positions and Maternity Support Pillows

The later stages of pregnancy affect the mother’s sleep profoundly. It becomes even a challenge to lie down with their favorite position with a big belly. It is the time when the various size of pregnancy pillows can suit best to your health and body needs.

These pregnancy pillows vary in sizes and shapes. They are capable of resonating with one’s sleep habits. The main goal of using these pregnancy pillows during the tough time of pregnancy is to provide extra support to the ever-changing curves and contours of the pregnant body.

As we have seen earlier that by evaluating the challenges, a pregnant lady goes through, the doctors, midwives, and the sleep therapists suggest maternity pillows.

1) Pregnancy Pillows

A maternity pillow or pregnancy pillow is a form of total body pillow that provides proper and targeting support by addressing the ever-changing contours and curves of your body that pregnancy gives rise to.

These sorts of pillows are significant in size than the usual pillows, come in peculiar shape and size that suits best to the various needs of an expecting mom.

2) Role of Pregnancy Pillows in Attaining Various Sleep Positions

They aim to bring ease in mom to be life, to make her able to cope with disrupted sleep patterns, and to provide pain relief. The maternity pillow targets the need of the specific area. They allow adopting positions that are good for blood circulation.

These pillows allow turning over the sides in the best possible postures. The curves and the arm of these pillows allow cuddling and can give relief from body aches.

These pillows have a cooling system in their covers to allow pregnant women to get rid of night sweats. These pillows are in various kinds from a small-sized pillow to a full body length pillow, which supports every part of the body from head to foot.


To sum up the whole discussion, we can say that in the light of researches and experts’ advice, to lay on the side could be determined as an ideal scenario while being pregnant. Although there is no significant harm in sleeping on the right side, the left is highly recommended to ladies during pregnancy. 

I hope that you had found your best and right position to sleep during pregnancy. 

Now, it’s your turn. Let me know what your best pregnancy sleeping positions. Share your tips and tricks and let’s help other moms like you to make a quick decision. 

And don’t forget to share this guide if it helps you!

Do Pregnancy Pillows Help With Sciatica? [Top secret]

Do Pregnancy Pillows Help With Sciatica? [Top secret]

Do Pregnancy Pillows help with sciatica? This is the question always asked by the new moms.

The pregnancy period is never so easy and smooth. Back pains are normal for many pregnant women during this period. These back pains can lead to some severe problems and will make your maternity period even harder. 

One of the severe kinds of pain during the pregnancy period is the pain of Sciatica. 

Do Pregnancy Pillow Help With Sciatica

The sciatica condition is not permanent, but the pain is sometimes unbearable. It commonly starts from your back and causes pain in other parts of the body.

Let’s dive into how and what can help sciatica pain during your pregnancy.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that mostly occurs in pregnant women during their pregnancy period.

Sciatica pain is really severe than any type or normal back pain during pregnancy.

The pains go all the way from your back to the lower part of your bodies, such as your buttock and your legs.

The pain of Sciatica is basically caused by our sciatica nerve (the largest nerve in the human body) with origin from your lower back down to your legs and connected to the feet and ankles.

What is Sciatica

This sharp and severe pain is caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve. This compression is caused by the spinal cord narrowing, slipped disks, arthritis, etc. Sciatica can cause severe issues, but these issues are mostly temporary for a pregnant woman.

What Causes Sciatica Flare Up?

Women are more vulnerable to sciatica pain due to a number of reasons, especially during their pregnancy periods. These reasons include:

1) More Fluid Retention & Weight Gain: The weight gain is obvious during the pregnancy period, and it can press your sciatic nerve near the pelvis. The pressure applied to the nerve results in its compression.

2) Expanding Uterus:The expansion of the uterus can possibly press your sciatic nerve, which results in its compression.

3) Growing Belly: It may cause the pelvic area and buttocks to be pressurized and might pinch your sciatic nerve.

4) Baby’s Head Position: When women are in their final pregnancy months, their baby’s head settles in such a position that it can possibly press your sciatica nerves, causing severe pain.

5)\Slipped Disc: This issue is not very common among pregnant women, but sometimes your disc may slip due to excessive pressure on your uterus.

Can Sciatica Condition Harm your Baby?

The sciatica pain does not cause any kind of harm to your baby. The main cause of pain is your growing uterus that puts pressure on your sciatic nerve.

Will Sciatica Harm Your baby

This longest nerve in our body extends from the lower back of your body to your foot. When this nerve is disturbed due to extra pressure, it causes pain at one side of your body. The pain is mostly caused by lifting heavy objects.

Your weight gain during pregnancy can also be a reason for such pain. The pain is mostly temporary and common among pregnant women.

Once their pregnancy period is over, they can easily get rid of this pain by taking some set of actions to lose their excessive weight.

Things to Know About Sciatica Pain

Here are some of the important points that pregnant women must know about Sciatica:

  • The sciatica condition in pregnant women normally occurs in the third trimester. During this period, your baby is growing. The condition may occur before the third trimester, but mostly, it doesn’t.
  • Most pregnant women will feel pain on one side of their lower body from their back to their legs while some of them may feel in both legs.
  • The pain of Sciatica is directly dependent on the pressure being exerted on your sciatica nerve. The larger the pressure, the more the pain.
  • You may feel an increase in the pain if you are gaining more weight and retaining fluid.
  • The pain might remain even after your pregnancy period is over, and the child is born. In order to get rid of this pain after pregnancy, you must lower your excessive body weight and the fluid pressing your nerve.

Gentle Exercise To Help Sciatica

One of the best way to relieve sciatica pain is to do sciatica nerve relief exercises. Exercises are always important for your body. You can’t do some hard exercises during the pregnancy period, but instead, you can go for some gentle exercise to relieve sciatica

Gentle Exercise To Get Relieft From Pain

The gentle exercises will provide strength to your back and abdominal muscles. Once your muscles are strengthed, you will hardly fall for Sciatica pain.

All back pain issues will disappear if you do regular exercise even just from some minutes daily.

Before you jump to an exercise, you can contact your doctor and ask him if it’s safe for you to do exercise.

The doctor will definitely advise that the best sciatica nerve pain relief method is to do some gentle exercises in most scenarios. Stick to those exercises and be regular.

Some of the common exercise to help sciatica pain you can do during your pregnancy period include yoga, brisk walking, cycling. swimming is also really effective in reducing any kind of lower back pain.

Swimming reduces pressure on your muscles and joints. You will feel much lighter if you practice these exercises on a daily basis, but first, it is strongly recommended to ask your doctor for any kind of suggestions.

Tips On How To Relieve Sciatica Pain

How to stop sciatica pain? If you are facing sciatica pain in your pregnancy period, then you can act upon the following tips to get temporary relief. If the pain is really severe, then you must consider visiting a doctor.

Tips to Get Relief from sciatica Pain

Things To Help Sciatica Pain

  • Use warm pads on the parts of your body where the pain is severe such as your legs and back.
  • Stretching helps a lot to relieve pain. You can stretch in different positions such as seated piriformis stretch, child’s pose, kneeling lunges, and other stretching techniques specially made for pregnant women.
  • Massages can help to get instant relief from such pains. Get yourself a massage and let the pain go.
  • Sleep on the opposite side of the pain. For example, if there is a pain on the left side of your body, then you should consider lying on your right side.
  • Use pregnancy pillow for sciatica nerve pain. There are some best pillow for sciatica pain designed to help pregnant women to handle all the pain issues caused by Sciatica, and it actually helps to relieve your sciatica pain. These types of pillows support your back, neck, and you can simply place them between your knees.
  • Keep exercising in a gentle manner. Avoid any excessive exercise, but you can try swimming, cycling, and yoga. One of the best way to help sciatica pain.
  • Do not lift any heavy objects. Pregnant women are not advise to lift any heavy object and if you suffering sciatica pain during your pregnancy, you must it because it can cause damage to your discs resulting in a slipped disc issue.
  • Keep your shoes flat. Do not use any kind of shoes with high heels, especially after your third trimester period of pregnancy.
  • Weight gain is obvious during pregnancy, but you should keep this process well maintained. An instant increase in weight can also cause Sciatica.
  • Rest your feet when you are free. Avoid making any excessive effort harmful to your body.
  • In severe conditions, you must visit a doctor and consult with him about your problem. If it’s a slipped disc issue, then your doctor can recommend the best solution.

 Using Pillows to Reduce your Sciatica Pain

Using Pillow to Reduce Sciatica Pain

Do pregnancy pillows help sciatica pain? The answer is definitely yes..

The best way to relieve sciatica pain so far is to give your body some rest, and it is only possible if you are using the right pregnancy pillows to get some relief from all these pains.

Here are some things you must look while you are buying pregnancy pillow for sciatica pain for yourself.

1) Firm Surface

A firm surface is always important to keep your body aligned. It also depends upon the personal preference of many people. Some people may like to sleep on a solid surface, such as on yoga mats, while others may go for medium-firm surfaces. If you have back pains and you are facing sciatica condition, then you must choose a firm surface for your rest. It will allow aligning your spine, and this alignment will help you to get rid of pain quicker.

2) Pregnancy Pillows

A flat surface is obviously important, but your pillows also play an important role in your spine and other body parts, especially if you are a pregnant woman. Using a lot of small pillows is just a pain. You can go for full-sized U-Shaped pregnancy pillows that cover your whole body, providing it proper support for sciatica.

It help to get rid of sciatica pain by supporting your back, belly, neck, and shoulders. You will feel much comfortable, and there will be no need to set other tiny pillows on your bed.

3) Pillows for one side sleep

While you have sciatica pain, you will face this pain occurring at either the left or right side of your body. You have to sleep on the opposite side of your pain in order to get relief but to provide proper relaxation to your back and legs, and you need a pregnancy pillow.

The pregnancy pillow for side sleepers will provide support to both sides of your body. You can place a pillow arm between your knees, and your body will feel more relaxed instantly. The U-shaped pregnancy pillows work really great for this purpose because they cover your whole body.

4) Pillows for sleeping on the stomach

It is not much recommended to sleep on your stomach when you are pregnant and have sciatica pain. If you mostly sleep on your stomach, then it’s probably your habit that is not easy to stop. In this scenario, you can use a pregnancy pillow specially designed for stomach sleeper pregnant women.

These pillows have a stomach hole in the center. You can easily lie down on these pillows in the stomach position, and it will not cause any excessive sciatica pain.

How to Sleep With Sciatica ?

Sleeping with sciatica pain is really difficult. However, if you use any wrong sleeping position, then it can lead to more pain. Pregnant women suffer a lot due to sciatica pain, and there are many sleepless nights from them, but do not worry; there are some solutions that can at least reduce your sciatica pain, and you will be able to sleep much quicker.

Sleeping Tips For Pregnancy Women having Sciatica
  • Get a firm mattress and lie down in such a position that your spine is fully aligned with your bed. The sleeping position of your knees must be towards your ceiling. Try to keep your neck strain-free and then relax your body. It will help to get better sleep, and it will also help in the long term if you use this technique on a daily basis.
  • Many people have a side-sleeping habit, and they are unable to sleep straight. If you have sciatica pain, then lying on one side can increase the pain. You must use a pregnancy pillow between your knees to lower any kind of back stress and back pain.
  • Choosing the right pregnancy pillow matters a lot if you are going through sciatica pain. Try to find a pillow that mutually supports your neck, back, head, and shoulders without causing much strain. There is nothing else better than pregnancy pillows. Pregnancy pillows provide mutual support to your whole body without causing any strain. If you use these pillows in your daily routine, then you will see the sciatica pain disappearing.
  • The surface where you sleep matters a lot. If you are using a really soft mattress to get a good night’s sleep, then you might be doing wrong. Soft mattresses do not help to align your back with a flat surface when your back is not aligned, and it will cause pain due to a bend. It is always recommended to use flat surfaces and rigid mattresses if you want to get rid of sciatica pain.

Do Pregnancy Pillows Help With Sciatica?

If you ask me, My answer is definitely Yes! Pregnancy pillows are the most effective things you can use to lower all your back pains and issues related to Sciatica. You should also implement other pain-relieving techniques, but the smallest thing that can lead to extraordinary pain relief results are these pillows.

Get one pregnancy pillow specifically for sciatica according to your body weight, shape, and your sleeping position to maximize the results.

Final Words!

There is no best sciatica pillow but there is most suitable sciatica pillow for your. Every pregnancy women has different style of sleeping position. Choosing the right pregnancy pillow with the right position to sleep is the most important as pect to help your sciatica problem during your pregnancy,

Now, you know the more about sciatica pain during pregnancy and how to get rid of this, but the last question that would become in your mind is “Do I need pregnancy pillow?”

Then my answer is Yes.  If you still have  queries about which pregnancy pillows you should get, i recommend you to check our article ” Best Pregnancy pillow for sciatica pain to get the most suitable pregnancy pillow for yourself.

And also, Do not forget to check out also the “Top 8 Pregnancy Pillow Health Benefits”. This will allow you to know more about why you need a pregnancy pillows.

Now, it’s your turn, Drop your valuable opinion about “Do pregnancy pillows help with sciatica” in the comment box and let me know if you have any question in mind.

Don’t forget to share the article. remember, SHARING IS CARING!

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews 2020 [You’ll Love it]

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews 2020 [You’ll Love it]

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

If you are looking for pregnancy pillow for sleeping on stomach, you are in the right place!

You need extra care and comfort during your pregnancy period. It is only possible if you are using the right pregnancy pillow for your convenience. Comfort is the top priority for any woman during their maternity period. But laying on stomach while pregnant is difficult and It might hurt your baby.

Good news is, Cozy bump pregnancy pillow work really great to provide the best possible comfort laying on stomach while pregnant. This inflatable pregnancy belly pillow, help saving more space when you are not using it. With the plastic and air type design. You no need to worry about the pillow got flatten after use for sometimes. And a lot of other features that is amazing, so keep reading our Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews. 


  • Inflate and deflate features that allow you to safely keep whenever not in use.
  • Air mattress with belly hole for sleeping on stomach who need a back relieve.
  • Safe to Sleep all night long
  • Best for pregnant moms that need prenatal massage.
  • Easy to bring along during travel


  • Need an extra air pump in order to use the pillow.
  • Need a lot of space to use this.
  • some gas smelling(chemical smell) during inflate and deflate process
  • Pricey

Official Video Tour

Product Specification

Product NameCozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow
BrandCozy Bump
Items Weight4.19 pounds
Dimension12 x 10 x 3 inches
Warranty30 days
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.1/5
Price$ 64.99

What is Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow? Belly Sleeper Pillow?

There are various types of pregnancy pillows available in the market, but cozy bump pillow are is long inflatable body pillow bed with hole for pregnant stomach sleepers and it was #1 in our best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. 

This pregnancy pillow with hole for belly is designed in such a way that they help to prevent any kind of pain, hold your belly and it also relieve pressure from your lower back.

Cozy bump pillow provide you with extra comfort. It will help you to get relief from any kind of stress. You will be able to sleep better once you start using these pregnancy pillow. The pillow work really well to position your baby in such a birthing position that it makes the birth process easier.

This belly down pregnancy pillow allow you bump on stomach, you won’t feel pressure even your belly is getting big.  

1) Is A Cozy Bump Safe?

We use an electronic pump to inflate the cozy bump(The pump is not included in the purchase). They are basically made from plastic-type material, and when you first unpack it, there will be a smell of plastic. To get rid of this smell, you can simply leave it out for some time, and you are good to use it. 

2) Can You Sleep On Your Stomach While Pregnant?

Many pregnant women have the same question revolving around their minds. Can I sleep on my stomach side while pregnant? Yes, you can sleep on your stomach side, but once your stomach size increases, it will be harder for you to sleep on your stomach. The best solution so far is the cozy bump pillow. This inflatable pregnancy pillow with hole in the middle are designed specially to provide you with stomach relief. 

3) Can You Sleep On Your Back While Pregnant?

Sleeping on your back during your pregnancy period is a big NO. When you lay down on your back, all your baby weight is acting upon your uterus, vena cava, and the intestines.

Vena cava is the main vein that regulates the blood from your lower body to your heart. Once you start sleeping on your back during pregnancy, there are more chances for you to have back problems, and you can get into some other uncomfortable situations.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews And It’s Features

The design and the additional features provided in this pillow are more attractive than another pillow. Under this topic, we can see various features of Cozy bump Maternity Pillow and how it helps you during your pregnancy and at the same time for some exercise and fun day.

So, Let’s take a deep insight into Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and explore it’s each feature

1) Face Cradle:

At the very top of this cozy bump pillow, you will see a space specifically made for your face. In order to sleep comfortably on your stomach, your face also needs to be downward, that’s why there is a specific space for your face.

2) Chest Section:

In order to keep our body comfortable while lying down, there is a chest area that helps to keep us relaxed without causing any type of pressure on our breast. This section will work fine for any almost of the body type.


Cozy Bump  Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

3) Air Valves:

There are two air valves on our cozy bump pillow. One wall is placed near the belly chamber while the second wall is placed on the side of our pillow. These valves are used to inflate our cozy bump pillow by using an electronic pump.

4) Adjustable Belly Chamber:

The belly chamber is the most crucial part of this whole pillow. Its size is just perfect, and gladly, it’s adjustable. You can easily adjust it according to the size of your stomach.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow1

5) Hip Raiser:

Just below the belly chamber, there is a raise in our pillow, which is said to be a hip raiser. It provides the best comforts to your hips while we are resting.

6) Soft Material: 

The upside of this pillow is made from a very soft material. Your body will definitely feel more relaxed once you lay down on this pillow. The soft material never feels bad to your skin, and it adds an extra layer of comfort to your pillow.

7) Leg Decline:

There is a normal leg decline on the downside center. It helps to position your legs in such a way that they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Additional Features:-

There are countless features in this pregnancy sleeping pillow for women. The adjustability feature of this pillow is just great. Let’s have a look at some of it’s more highlighted features:

Adjustable: Every pregnant woman has its own belly size, and they all need different belly hole sizes to fit in. The cozy bump pillow provide you with an adjustable belly hole. You can literally adjust it for any belly size for better comfort and ease.

Inflate & Deflate: There are two valves available in this pillow. One is on the side of the cozy bump pillow while other one below the belly hole.One valve is used to inflate the air into the cozy bump pillow while the other is used to deflate the air from the pillow.

Belly Swaddle: A belly swaddle is packed with cozy bump pregnancy pillow to give additional support to your belly and back. It will help you to be more comfortable during your sleeping periods.

Cozy Bump3

Cozy Bump Pillow Everyday Usage

This Cozy bump air mattress are not just best for sleeping or resting purposes. It has many multi-uses in your everyday life. Pregnant women can utilize it in various areas of their everyday routine, whether they want to lounge in a pool or do some exercise. Let’s have a look at some of the everyday usages in this cozy bump review:

1) Prenatal Massage/Full Back Massage

What make you are a pregnancy moms look forward the most during your pregnancy? Is Massage that relieve pain and help to relax your self and this pillow is and ideal prenatal body pillow.

Pregnant ladies will definitely having pain around the body. A prenatal massages/full back massage is the best moment for you. but due to big belly, Is not easy to lay down and enjoy the massage.

With cozy bump pillow, Is not a dreams anymore for you, You can enjoy amazing full body massage easily without any issue.

Prenatal Massage

2) Pregnancy Exercises

There are various exercises recommended by doctors during pregnancy periods. These exercises actually help to regulate blood flow throughout the body and for the proper growth of the baby.

To make these exercises even more comfortable for your belly, you can use a cozy bump pillow. You will be able to do those exercise that you was unable to do before.

The pillow adds extra comfort to your exercise and makes it more helpful. As is inflatable type with air, and a belly hole in the middle. You just don’t feel your belly is a weight during exercises.

Pregnancy Excersize

3) Lounge In Pool, Lake or Beach

Need a pool float for laying on stomach during your pregnancy? You can do that with cozy bump pillow.

Lounging in a pool during pregnancy period is a dream for many women, but with the cozy bump pillow, you can actually lounge in the pool, lake or beach easily during your pregnancy.

You will feel more relaxed and even lighter.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy sun bath, tanning your back during your pregnancy by laying down comfortably without worries/

Lounge In Pool

Cozy Bump Pillow Benefits

You will find number of benefits in this cozy bump review. They benefit your baby growth and prevent various back-pain issues. Let’s have a look at its benefits one by one:

1) Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is a big issue for many pregnant women. There are many reasons that can cause back pain during the pregnancy period, but the most highlighted reasons are the discomfort.

There is more load on your back due to your heavy stomach. It causes back pain, and sometimes it is unbearable. With the help of a cozy bump maternity pillow, all your back pain problems will disappear.

You will feel more comfortable, and your heavy stomach will feel lighter once you are lying on the cozy bump pillow.

If you are looking for more options, there are more pregnancy pillow for back pain too.

Relieve Back Pain

2) Help to Increased Blood Flow

Due to excessive load, your blood flow may decrease. This can cause various problems in your body. The main blood vessel that carries blood from the lower region of your body to heart may not perform its proper duty due to excessive load on your back. In order to solve all these issues related to blood flow, cozy bump pillow are here to save us. When you lay down on these cozy blood pillow, you will feel and increased blood flow throughout your body because now everything is positioned right.

3) Relaxing In Birthing Position

C-section is really hard for most women. They feel afraid because the process itself is not too easy. To prevent these C-sections, women do exercises in a different position that may or may not work for them. Sometimes these exercises are not done properly because your position is not right.

With the help of a cozy bump pregnancy pillow, you can relax in a birthing position to reduce the chances of a C-section. However, it will not completely eliminate the C-section risk, but it will surely help you to prevent such conditions (if possible).

We hope that you liked our Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and hopefully, it will help you to make your decision in the future.


If you are belly sleepers and looking for pregnancy pillow to lay on stomach. Considering using this cozy bump air mattress pregnancy pillow to prevent all the discomforts during your pregnancy period.

Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow is a different type of design compare to other polyester material U-Shaped & C-Shape pillow. You can lay really flat with the belly down where not much standard pregnancy pillow can do. 

If you ask me whether is it worth it? if you are stomach sleepers, then i would say yes, it’s a worthy product for you. Because it really worth every penny I spend on it and I love it so much. even after pregnancy now I still use it for other purposes.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply click on our link to keep yourself from pain and have a comfortable pregnancy all time.

Leave your comments and questions about this cozy bump review in the comment section. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible because we know that you are having the same problem as us.

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7 Exclusive Tips on How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow [Update 2020]

7 Exclusive Tips on How to Choose a Pregnancy Pillow [Update 2020]

Are you planning to get a pregnancy pillow for yourself during pregnancy. But not sure what type of pillow is best suit you? Well, You will know how to choose a pregnancy pillow that best suits you after you finish this article. I promise!

Giving birth to a new life is not less than a miracle. Going through the various stages of carrying a baby in a bump proves to be a roller coaster of emotional and physical transitions.

The morning sickness, aching body, depriving of the best possible position, swollen limbs are some of the inconvenient and troublesome situations to deal with.

The situation gets really tough when the bump starts giving appearance. The third trimester is even more challenging for the expectant mother.

You keep on trying for the positions that put less pressure on your bladder. To attain a suitable position during these sleepiness nights is all you want from life.

how to choose a pregnancy pillow

As more than 2500 moms to be in a study that was held in 2015, found, “being unable to find a comfortable position became almost universal by the ends of the pregnancy.” Source

In the light of these facts and figures, doctors and the midwives recommend some pregnancy tools and user-friendly devices to soothe expecting mothers during their challenging journey.

The PREGNANCY or MATERNITY PILLOW is one of those devices. These are equally recommended by sleep therapists and as well as by the women who have already been the mothers.

These sorts of pillows are aimed to give you more comfy experience during your pregnancy time. The maternity pillows are used to lessen the disruption you face during those long weary nights with inadequate sleep.

This article will give you A COMPLETE GUIDE THAT HOW TO CHOOSE A PREGNANCY PILLOW that fit for yourself during your pregnancy.

What is Pregnancy Pillow/Maternity Pillow?

A maternity pillow or a pregnancy pillow is a specially designed pillow for pregnant ladies to give extra support to contours and curves of the body that pregnancy gives rise to in women.

These pillows either target a particular area of the body or, most of the time, help you by providing FULL BODY SUPPORT for a long span of time so that you don’t get exhausted easily.

The pregnancy pillows are available in different shapes offering utmost support to get rid of usual aches, an expecting mother faces while growing a baby in her womb.

These pillows have the inbuilt quality to provide neck and shoulder pain relief.

These are also well supported to your midriff, especially in the second and third trimester.

Best Pregnancy Pillow

By full-body coverage, they aim to help you in attaining different sleeping positions by aiding you with joint and sciatic pain relief. The SPECIAL DESIGN OF PREGNANCY PILLOW helps to bear and provide support to belly weight.

Pregnant women can easily snuggle up in these pillows by attaining the most convenient positions while resting their head, back, and pelvic area.

Every Pregnant woman is different from each other, and I believe every pregnant mom need to have special care. That’s why there is different types of pregnancy pillows have been designed in the market with is pros and cons. So that it meets the needs of different pregnancy moms.

Now, Let’s dive into how to choose a pregnancy pillow

How to Choose A Pregnancy Pillow

Let me briefly describe what kind of thing I will consider when buying a pregnancy pillow for my self, and many of my friends do take this into the consideration as well and in the end they do find their perfect pregnancy pillows. I hope that this will help you too!

1) Sleeping Position

The focal point of all the discussion in choosing the best type of pregnancy pillow is

  • what position you are habitual of?
  • Which posture you usually attain and most comfortable in a while sleeping?

This is one of the most significant features before you choose a pregnancy pillow for yourself.

Sleeping position

According to the National Sleep Organization, “if you’re a usual back sleeper, a pillow that goes behind your back might be a good choice. If you don’t usually use many pillows or blankets, a large, contoured design might feel smothering, while a small wedge might be just enough.

2) Will It Be Useful After Pregnancy?

The best choice in choosing the pregnancy pillow is its advantage, even after your pregnancy. In case you have your C section, you must opt for the pillow that allows your proper spinal alignment. The initial days, right after C section, are the most challenging with regard to your stitches. You are less able to attain side positions. You must acquire safe sleep positions during this time.

3) Having A Pillow Cover

Sweating at night is a normal phenomenon in expecting ladies. The pillows having the outer cover won’t make you agitated when it comes to washing. The pillows having zipper are easily removable and washable. They won’t compel you to carry the big fluffy pillow to the laundry for washing purposes.

4) Pillow Material

If you go shopping often, you must know that there are several materials available in the market, from foam to beads for the normal pillows.

The same goes for pregnancy pillows. When it comes to CHOOSING A MATERNITY PILLOW, you need to check first and foremost which pillow material you prefer by understanding your body temperature.

You must go for the pillow whose fabric and as well as filling suits you the best. Experts are of the view that NEITHER FLUFFY AND EXTRA SOFT WOULD WORK NOR THE HARD AND FIRMED ONES.

The softness of the material should be MEDIUM. Only this sort can be well supported in your different body areas. Moreover, the extra softness also fails to provide pain relief; the pregnant women usually go through.

Pregnancy Pillow Material soft Cotton
What do you need to know

Some of the maternity pillows are warm, having more percentage of polyester in it. If your body is warm, Then this is not a good idea for you indeed.

Most of the expectant mothers rather go for the material that is 100 % cotton. So your choice should be breathable material rather than the one that is less breathable.  

You should make sure that the fabric is cooler than its competition. The night sweats are common during pregnancy.

By choosing natural fabric, it will help you reduce the level of discomfort during the nights of the summer season.

6) Size of the Pregnancy Pillow

Pillow Size

There are different sizes of pregnancy pillow available in the market. 

The pregnancy pillow ranges from a normal pillow to the curved full body pillow that fits you inside itself by hugging you from the front and the back. The size of the pregnancy pillow matters a lot.

When you are choosing the pregnancy pillow, you must keep in mind the transitions your body will go through your first, second, and third trimester.

So before going to pick the one best pregnancy pillow for yourself, you would see a few of the following things in anticipation.

  1. What is the size of your bed?
  2. Will it need to downgrade your partner to the couch?
  3. Can you use your maternity pillow other than the bed?
  4. Where to keep when not in use?
  5. What is your best sleeping position are you the most comfortable in?
  6. Will a specific size suit the need for the little one when it arrives?

So by answering these questions, you can choose the best size of your maternity pillow for sure.

7) Pillow Shape

The pregnancy pillows come in different shapes to suit your needs.

The shapes have been elaborated above in the article. From a wedge to a straight body pillow, from C shaped to U shaped body pillows

Ang Qi Pregnancy Pillow

These are some basic guideline from me on how to choose the pregnancy pillow shapes:-

  • Twins or more:- U-shaped pillows are most recommended for women who are pregnant with twins because their stomachs are more prominent and more substantial pillows provide better support.
  • Plus-sized women: C Shaped Pillow are more ideal for plus-sized women. The design of the pillow will allow you to fit in comfortably.

In the light of these features, choose the pregnancy pillow that suits best to your needs, and remember it can vary from person to person.

Final Thoughts

Getting the most suitable pregnancy pillow for pregnant women is rather very important. It keeps pregnancy moms in comfortable condition and having great sleep throughout the 10 months pregnancy.

This will relatively impact the health and mood of pregnant moms.

So, in my opinion, Knowing how to choose a pregnancy pillow that suits us is the utmost important knowledge that pregnant moms need to have! If this article has provide information that you need and you are really looking  for a pregnancy right now. Click here to check our best pregnancy pillow that we recommend!

Now it’s your turn. leave your answer in the comment box, what you are doing to choose to best pregnancy pillow for yourself? Your decision will help other pregnant moms to make a quick decision.

And finally, don’t forget to share this article because sharing is caring.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews [Exclusive Reviews]

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews [Exclusive Reviews]

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Review

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

The Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow is one of the smallest yet very effective pillow in the market. It has the compact design that saves space in your bed while allows you to sleep comfortably. And because of the small size, It is very suitable for pregnancy women to bring along while travelling.

The Boppy maternity pillow is versatile and multi use, its little supporter helps you get comfy while sleeping, but also while lounging or sitting. This small side sleeper pillow will help you stay on your side with two connected pillows providing the perfect support for your back and baby bump while side sleeping.

If you really want to get rid of your uneasiness, then this could be your best investment. You can even use them after pregnancy. These pillows provide relief to your back, and during pregnancy, they help you on your sleeping positions to sleep better and faster.

A lot more features to know, So keep reading our Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy pillow reviews.


  • Great to help transition from back to side sleeping
  • Less space required compare to full body and C shaped pregnancy pillow
  • Multiple usage with multiple position
  • Entire Pillow is Machine Washable
  • Affordable


  • The Fabric may not stretch enough as you progress into the late stages of your pregnancy
  • It will not replace a traditional head and neck pillow. It is more of a spot specific pillow
  • Unable to cover other parts of body compare to Full body pregnancy pillow
  • Less comfortable to use all night long (in my personal experience)

Official Video

Product Specification

Product NameBoppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow
Items Weight1.65 pounds
Dimension14.2 x 6.2 x 13 inches
Cover StyleZipper
Material TypePolyester
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.5/5
Price$ 29.84

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews & Features

Pillows make you comfortable while you are trying to sleep. There are various types of body pregnancy pillows made to serve various different purposes. Some pillows are custom made while others are just simple with some design on them, but when we specifically talk about pillows for pregnant women, then there is a limited number of quality pillows available in the market.

So, Let’s take a deep insight into Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews.

1) Compact Design & Size

Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow is are specially designed for all pregnant women, and these pillow can be used by anyone having back pain issues. Side sleeping is really painful for some people because of their back issues.

This Boppy pregnancy pillow weight only 1.65 lbs which is lightweight and the dimension is 14.2 x 6.2 x 13 inches. Small, easy to bring along while traveling.  

You must invest some money on these pillows if you are serious about your maternity health and your own health. This small spending can save you a lot of money on unnecessary treatments.

Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow review

3) Multi-Use and Versatility

You may order these maternity pillow just for your pregnancy period and to sleep well, but it’s just a glimpse of its usage. You can use it in many different ways.

If you mostly sit on a chair all day long, then you can try these boppy body pillow because they will keep your lower back relaxed, and you will be able to work for longer periods. 

Do you want to enjoy your favorite show relaxing on your couch, but your lower back aches? Then you must use these body pillow because you can easily put them on your couch to enjoy your T.V shows comfortably.

The usage list of these body pillow is never-ending. It depends on you how you use them and how you maintain them.

4) Easy Washable Pillow Cover and Care 

It’s obvious that when you use these support pillow, they will get dirty, but do not worry, there is a ready-made solution as well.

There are pillow covers present on these support pillow, and luckily, these pillow covers and removable and changeable. 

You can wash them whenever you want, and you can make your customers cover yourself.

The pillow cover material is really soft but still rigid, and it will not tear up so easily, so the risk is eliminated here as well.

Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow review

5) Stretchability Pillow Cover

You may wonder that these body support pillow will not fit your body, but you are absolutely wrong.

The body pillow is stretchable from the center, which means that they will maintain themselves according to your back or body. They will softly hug your body to provide it support.

They support your body in such a way that all your pains are gone after some days of usage. The stretchable part of these pillows is of good quality as well. It will never tear up until you cut it yourself.

The stretchable qualities make this boppy pillow flexible for everybody, whether you are skinny or fat.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews
After exploring all of its features and reading our Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow reviews, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow is an excellent investment for yourself.

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Benefits

Boppy Is a well-known brand and has been designing beautiful and useful pillow for pregnancy moms and also babies for a long time in the market.

The Boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow is once of the useful design that does not take up a lot of your bed space yet effective for all pregnant women because they mostly face issues while they are trying to sleep with one-sided.

These pillows are specifically designed to overcome their maternity sleep issues. Not only for pregnant women, but every person who wants to comfort their back can use these versatile pillows.

The boppy side sleeper pillow will help you at every point, whether you are sitting or sleeping. Here are some benefits of using these pillows.

1) Relaxation and Pain Relief

All those women who are passing through the maternity period face different physical problems where they have severe back pain. The main reason for these back pains is your way of sleeping during pregnancy. 

Do you sleep on one-sided? Is it uncomfortable for you to sleep like that?

If your answer is a YES, then these body support pillow are obviously made for you. Your back will be much more relaxed than ever. Relaxation is important during the maternity period. So make it as easy as possible.

Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow review
Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow review

2) Better Body Posture

Essentially, this boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow is 2 pillows connected by an outer cover with the center that sort of anchors the pillow to your bump and your back.

You can use it against when you’re sleeping on your side, but you can also use it sitting up, wrap around you, or to elevate your knees.

This allow you to get the best sleeping position to  improve your posture

3) Better Sleep

Lastly, Boppy side sleeper pillow really does what it’s intended to do, which is to keep you comfortable while you’re sleeping on your side.

You can use it for your knees and for your back while you’re sitting up as well. Just keep in mind that it’s going to feel pretty snug, you are anchoring yourself in the middle of 2 pillows at night, so these pillows are not going to go anywhere.

Furthermore, because of the soft and firm material of the pillow. It did make me feel more comfortable and it follows the shape of your body. I personally found this pillow the most comfortable when I napped. 

Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Are These Pillow For You?

If you ask me, Yes, they are obviously for all those people and pregnant women who are actually facing any issue in their sleep. If you are facing issues for your one-sided sleep, then these pillows are for you.

If you pregnant women are looking for some comfort for their baby and themselves, then these pillows are for you. If you are someone who keeps sitting at a single place like a couch or chair, then these pillows are obviously yours.

Do you often face lower back & back pains? The main reason for your back pain is your bad posture. These boppy side sleeper pregnancy pillow will help you to correct your body posture, and ultimately, your back pains will disappear. Do not forget to use them while you are sitting on a couch or chair for a long period of time. Put them close your back and then relax your backbone.

Hopefully, our Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews answers all your queries. Let me know if you still have any questions, any suggestion for this article, we love to hear from you.

Bottom Line

Boppy Wedges Pillow is one of the earliest designed maternity pillow but has all the necessary features that you need during your pregnancy.

It is small, lightweight, and portable that allows pregnant women to easily bring it along even during traveling. Even though it is so-called old designed but still many pregnant moms find it very useful.

You can use it anywhere at any time in your workplace, home watching TV and peaceful sleep, especially for side sleepers. It just propped up against your belly and relieved the pressure on your belly.

If you like to see more options, check out our Best Body Pillow for side sleepers.

Boppy Side Sleeper pregnancy pillow review
All the above features make it the perfect option with an affordable price tag that will not disappoint.

A single pillow can positively affect many aspects of your physical health life. For pregnant women, this pillow is a gift, and for others, this pillow is a relief. Click here to check the best price now to accept the best comfort while sitting in your home lounge or bed.

Leave your comments and questions about “Boppy Side Sleeper Pregnancy Pillow Reviews” in the comment section. We promise to answer your questions as soon as possible because we know that you are having the same problem as us.

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