Coolmax Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

CoolMax Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Nothing can be compared with the amount of happiness a woman feels when she finds out that she is expecting a baby.

Carrying a life in the womb feels nothing less than a miracle.

To make the journey of pregnancy relaxing, it becomes extremely important to give the body of the mother its required care and comfort.

Therefore, after reading this Coolmax Pregnancy Pillow Reviews, you can make your decision to bring home one.

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is an exciting phase of life, but it comes with a lot of hormonal changes, changes in body shape, morning sickness, mood swings, and whatnot.

But one of the most challenging tasks during pregnancy is sleeping comfortably. With each day, the shape and size of the belly grow, which causes discomfort in sleep.

To avoid any disturbance while sleeping, a pregnant woman must use a Coolmax pregnancy pillow.


    • Firm & Solid but Soft
    • Full Body Coverage (Back & Belly)
    • Fabric help body cooling
    • Set your sleeping position
    • Help to maintain healthy posture


    • Big size that may take more space
    • Too soft for some people

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Product Specification

Product NameCoolMax Pregnancy Pillow
BrandToday’s Mom
Items Weight2 pounds
Dimension23.6 x 14.8 x 13.8 inches
Fabric TypeJersey Knit Cover
Material TypeCotton
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.5/5
Price$ 106.99

CoolMax Pregnancy Pillow Reviews & Features

To maintain energy throughout the day, it is vital that an expecting mother should sleep comfortably.

A pregnant woman who is sleep-deprived can feel crankiness, irritation, and mood swings often.

To solve this major issue, consider using a pregnancy pillow that is designed specially to meet the sleeping requirements of a mother-to-be.

The points mentioned below shows the features of Coolmax pregnancy pillows:

1) Soft & Cool Quality Material

During pregnancy, you might face disruptions while sleeping.

The fabric used in the Coolmax pregnancy pillow helps in maintaining the temperature of the body. 

This helps in preventing night sweat and hot flashes.

The Coolmax pillow’s fabric remains dry and reduces the extra moisture created by the body, and keeps it away.

Coolmax Pregnancy pillow
The fabric has hexagonal fibers, which helps in the fast evaporation of the moisture. After washing the pillow, the drying rate of the fabric is also excellent.

Therefore you don’t have to think twice before maintaining your hygiene.

The pillow remains cool and has a soft surface to lie down. This creates a pleasant environment for tight sleep during day and night both.

2) Design To Support Full Body

With a growing belly, it can be uneasy to sleep without.

If you are using regular pillows to keep under your neck, hips, shoulders, then it might give the pregnant women a wrong posture.

Coolmax pregnancy pillows are designed in such a manner that it suits the constant changing curves of the body.

When the baby grows inside the womb, not only the abdomen requires support, but the shoulders, hips, and back demands full attention as well.

The Coolmax pregnancy pillow provides extended support and comfort to the belly, neck, hips, shoulders, and legs.

It becomes essential to maintain correct posture while sleeping in order to reduce unnecessary body pains and aches.

You get a large and soft portion to head your head while sleeping. The softness that a pregnant woman requires while sleeping is not found in other regular pillows.

3) Weight & Size

As the shape and size of the belly grow, the weight of the mother also increases. Coolmax perfectly supports the weight of the mother while she sleeps.

There are different sizes of pregnancy pillows available. You can choose your pillow according to your weight.

Remember that the size of your pillow should not exceed the bed of your size; otherwise, it may cause discomfort.

The improved curves of the pillow will perfectly support the curves of the body.

The alignment of the pillow is necessary as it provides a good sleeping space.

Coolmax has varied options when it comes to the shape and size of the pregnancy pillow. The C-shaped and U-shaped pillow perfectly hugs the body of the mother while sleeping.

According to your preferences, you can consider the other options as well. 

4) Removable and Washable Covers

 This product delivers its different ways of care efficiently for you.  

The cover is zipper removable, easy for you to remove and wash it using the washing machines and is dryable. 

 Coolmax fabric is so quick drying that you actually reduce using dryer.

However, fabric softener and chlorine bleach should not be used. 

Washing the pillow had never been easier. All you need is to scrub it firmly with a wet clothing material. After you have done the scrubbing, you will then sundry it. 

Coolmax Zipper

CoolMax Pregnancy Pillow Benefits

Well, there is no doubt that a pregnancy pillow is a great solution for reducing your sleeping problems.

The giant pillows and compact ones both provide care and support to the body.

The following mentioned points describe the benefits in this Coolmax pregnancy pillow reviews:

1) Long Sleeping Hours

Generally, mother-to-be faces severe body aches and cramps while sleeping at night.

If you read Coolmax Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and bring home this pillow, you and your partner will have comfortable nights.

The softness and cushioned fabric offer required comfort and care to the baby bump.

Belly Hip Support
Sometimes the temperature of the body also gets fluctuated during day and night, which causes great discomfort.

The Coolmax pregnancy pillow takes care of the body temperature as well, which results in long hours of sleep.

2) Maintains the posture:

Due to growing belly, aches, and other skin problems, you might often change your sleeping positions.

With pregnancy pillows, you do not have to worry about your sleeping postures.

These pillows are designed in such a way that they maintain the posture of the body while sleeping.

Using common pillows might give you discomfort; therefore, it is suggested that you should use effective pregnancy pillows.


3) Maintain the Circulation:

Sleeping sideways at night helps in upgrading the blood flow of the body.

Due to the increased abdomen size, few pregnant ladies find it discomforting.

Therefore, it is recommended to use pregnancy pillows as they offer sheer support to the body while sleeping sideways.

You can rest peacefully without experiencing any pain in the body.

4) Post Pregnancy Benefits

Sleeping sideways at night helps in upgrading the blood flow of the body.

Due to the increased abdomen size, few pregnant ladies find it discomforting.

Therefore, it is recommended to use pregnancy pillows as they offer sheer support to the body while sleeping sideways.

You can rest peacefully without experiencing any pain in the body.

I believe you found this CoolMax Pregnancy Pillow Reviews informative and will guide you into an excellent decision, surely.

if you still undecided, You can check out other similar U Shaped pillow below too:

I assure you that you will definitely find one of it suits you.

Bottom Line

To Me, Pregnancy pillow is a must to pregnant moms. It is not only help in relieve pain. It also help mommy has a good night sleep.

Having enough rest and sleep not only important to pregnant moms but it also important to your baby. You know, Mommy health impacted baby alot.

Whether you are side sleepers or back sleepers. Coolmax pregnancy pillow is design to cater for both.

You can also explore more option from our best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers.

Having a comfortable pregnancy pillow such as a Coolmax pregnancy pillow can help you pregnancy period more comfortable and less hassle.

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