Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

If you are looking for pregnancy pillow for sleeping on stomach, you are in the right place!

You need extra care and comfort during your pregnancy period. It is only possible if you are using the right pregnancy pillow for your convenience. Comfort is the top priority for any woman during their maternity period. But laying on stomach while pregnant is difficult and It might hurt your baby.

Good news is, Cozy bump pregnancy pillow work really great to provide the best possible comfort laying on stomach while pregnant. This inflatable pregnancy belly pillow, help saving more space when you are not using it. With the plastic and air type design. You no need to worry about the pillow got flatten after use for sometimes. And a lot of other features that is amazing, so keep reading our Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews. 


  • Inflate and deflate features that allow you to safely keep whenever not in use.
  • Air mattress with belly hole for sleeping on stomach who need a back relieve.
  • Safe to Sleep all night long
  • Best for pregnant moms that need prenatal massage.
  • Easy to bring along during travel


  • Need an extra air pump in order to use the pillow.
  • Need a lot of space to use this.
  • some gas smelling(chemical smell) during inflate and deflate process
  • Pricey

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Product Specification

Product NameCozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow
BrandCozy Bump
Items Weight4.19 pounds
Dimension12 x 10 x 3 inches
Warranty30 days
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.1/5
Price$ 64.99

What is Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow? Belly Sleeper Pillow?

There are various types of pregnancy pillows available in the market, but cozy bump pillow are is long inflatable body pillow bed with hole for pregnant stomach sleepers and it was #1 in our best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers. 

This pregnancy pillow with hole for belly is designed in such a way that they help to prevent any kind of pain, hold your belly and it also relieve pressure from your lower back.

Cozy bump pillow provide you with extra comfort. It will help you to get relief from any kind of stress. You will be able to sleep better once you start using these pregnancy pillow. The pillow work really well to position your baby in such a birthing position that it makes the birth process easier.

This belly down pregnancy pillow allow you bump on stomach, you won’t feel pressure even your belly is getting big.  

1) Is A Cozy Bump Safe?

We use an electronic pump to inflate the cozy bump(The pump is not included in the purchase). They are basically made from plastic-type material, and when you first unpack it, there will be a smell of plastic. To get rid of this smell, you can simply leave it out for some time, and you are good to use it. 

2) Can You Sleep On Your Stomach While Pregnant?

Many pregnant women have the same question revolving around their minds. Can I sleep on my stomach side while pregnant? Yes, you can sleep on your stomach side, but once your stomach size increases, it will be harder for you to sleep on your stomach. The best solution so far is the cozy bump pillow. This inflatable pregnancy pillow with hole in the middle are designed specially to provide you with stomach relief. 

3) Can You Sleep On Your Back While Pregnant?

Sleeping on your back during your pregnancy period is a big NO. When you lay down on your back, all your baby weight is acting upon your uterus, vena cava, and the intestines.

Vena cava is the main vein that regulates the blood from your lower body to your heart. Once you start sleeping on your back during pregnancy, there are more chances for you to have back problems, and you can get into some other uncomfortable situations.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews And It’s Features

The design and the additional features provided in this pillow are more attractive than another pillow. Under this topic, we can see various features of Cozy bump Maternity Pillow and how it helps you during your pregnancy and at the same time for some exercise and fun day.

So, Let’s take a deep insight into Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and explore it’s each feature

1) Face Cradle:

At the very top of this cozy bump pillow, you will see a space specifically made for your face. In order to sleep comfortably on your stomach, your face also needs to be downward, that’s why there is a specific space for your face.

2) Chest Section:

In order to keep our body comfortable while lying down, there is a chest area that helps to keep us relaxed without causing any type of pressure on our breast. This section will work fine for any almost of the body type.


Cozy Bump  Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

3) Air Valves:

There are two air valves on our cozy bump pillow. One wall is placed near the belly chamber while the second wall is placed on the side of our pillow. These valves are used to inflate our cozy bump pillow by using an electronic pump.

4) Adjustable Belly Chamber:

The belly chamber is the most crucial part of this whole pillow. Its size is just perfect, and gladly, it’s adjustable. You can easily adjust it according to the size of your stomach.

Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow1

5) Hip Raiser:

Just below the belly chamber, there is a raise in our pillow, which is said to be a hip raiser. It provides the best comforts to your hips while we are resting.

6) Soft Material: 

The upside of this pillow is made from a very soft material. Your body will definitely feel more relaxed once you lay down on this pillow. The soft material never feels bad to your skin, and it adds an extra layer of comfort to your pillow.

7) Leg Decline:

There is a normal leg decline on the downside center. It helps to position your legs in such a way that they feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Additional Features:-

There are countless features in this pregnancy sleeping pillow for women. The adjustability feature of this pillow is just great. Let’s have a look at some of it’s more highlighted features:

Adjustable: Every pregnant woman has its own belly size, and they all need different belly hole sizes to fit in. The cozy bump pillow provide you with an adjustable belly hole. You can literally adjust it for any belly size for better comfort and ease.

Inflate & Deflate: There are two valves available in this pillow. One is on the side of the cozy bump pillow while other one below the belly hole.One valve is used to inflate the air into the cozy bump pillow while the other is used to deflate the air from the pillow.

Belly Swaddle: A belly swaddle is packed with cozy bump pregnancy pillow to give additional support to your belly and back. It will help you to be more comfortable during your sleeping periods.

Cozy Bump3

Cozy Bump Pillow Everyday Usage

This Cozy bump air mattress are not just best for sleeping or resting purposes. It has many multi-uses in your everyday life. Pregnant women can utilize it in various areas of their everyday routine, whether they want to lounge in a pool or do some exercise. Let’s have a look at some of the everyday usages in this cozy bump review:

1) Prenatal Massage/Full Back Massage

What make you are a pregnancy moms look forward the most during your pregnancy? Is Massage that relieve pain and help to relax your self and this pillow is and ideal prenatal body pillow.

Pregnant ladies will definitely having pain around the body. A prenatal massages/full back massage is the best moment for you. but due to big belly, Is not easy to lay down and enjoy the massage.

With cozy bump pillow, Is not a dreams anymore for you, You can enjoy amazing full body massage easily without any issue.

Prenatal Massage

2) Pregnancy Exercises

There are various exercises recommended by doctors during pregnancy periods. These exercises actually help to regulate blood flow throughout the body and for the proper growth of the baby.

To make these exercises even more comfortable for your belly, you can use a cozy bump pillow. You will be able to do those exercise that you was unable to do before.

The pillow adds extra comfort to your exercise and makes it more helpful. As is inflatable type with air, and a belly hole in the middle. You just don’t feel your belly is a weight during exercises.

Pregnancy Excersize

3) Lounge In Pool, Lake or Beach

Need a pool float for laying on stomach during your pregnancy? You can do that with cozy bump pillow.

Lounging in a pool during pregnancy period is a dream for many women, but with the cozy bump pillow, you can actually lounge in the pool, lake or beach easily during your pregnancy.

You will feel more relaxed and even lighter.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy sun bath, tanning your back during your pregnancy by laying down comfortably without worries/

Lounge In Pool

Cozy Bump Pillow Benefits

You will find number of benefits in this cozy bump review. They benefit your baby growth and prevent various back-pain issues. Let’s have a look at its benefits one by one:

1) Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is a big issue for many pregnant women. There are many reasons that can cause back pain during the pregnancy period, but the most highlighted reasons are the discomfort.

There is more load on your back due to your heavy stomach. It causes back pain, and sometimes it is unbearable. With the help of a cozy bump maternity pillow, all your back pain problems will disappear.

You will feel more comfortable, and your heavy stomach will feel lighter once you are lying on the cozy bump pillow.

If you are looking for more options, there are more pregnancy pillow for back pain too.

Relieve Back Pain

2) Help to Increased Blood Flow

Due to excessive load, your blood flow may decrease. This can cause various problems in your body. The main blood vessel that carries blood from the lower region of your body to heart may not perform its proper duty due to excessive load on your back. In order to solve all these issues related to blood flow, cozy bump pillow are here to save us. When you lay down on these cozy blood pillow, you will feel and increased blood flow throughout your body because now everything is positioned right.

3) Relaxing In Birthing Position

C-section is really hard for most women. They feel afraid because the process itself is not too easy. To prevent these C-sections, women do exercises in a different position that may or may not work for them. Sometimes these exercises are not done properly because your position is not right.

With the help of a cozy bump pregnancy pillow, you can relax in a birthing position to reduce the chances of a C-section. However, it will not completely eliminate the C-section risk, but it will surely help you to prevent such conditions (if possible).

We hope that you liked our Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow Reviews and hopefully, it will help you to make your decision in the future.


If you are belly sleepers and looking for pregnancy pillow to lay on stomach. Considering using this cozy bump air mattress pregnancy pillow to prevent all the discomforts during your pregnancy period.

Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow is a different type of design compare to other polyester material U-Shaped & C-Shape pillow. You can lay really flat with the belly down where not much standard pregnancy pillow can do. 

If you ask me whether is it worth it? if you are stomach sleepers, then i would say yes, it’s a worthy product for you. Because it really worth every penny I spend on it and I love it so much. even after pregnancy now I still use it for other purposes.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply click on our link to keep yourself from pain and have a comfortable pregnancy all time.

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