Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow Reviews

PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow Review

Pregnancy is inconvenient. It is a fact that cannot be exaggerated, and I realized it long ago in my first quarter. As my belly started growing, I found that sleep is not only difficult but almost impossible. Even though I was exhausted, I was just so uncomfortable in bed: my back was aching, and I didn’t like sleeping on my side.

I did my homework and realized I had to invest in a healthy pregnancy before my baby could grow up and make things more difficult for me. So, I went on Amazon to do research and finally settled on the PharMedoc C Shaped pregnancy pillow. Which is probably one of the best purchases I’ve made in my lifetime.

I believe in saying that the PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow is the only reason I have completed any sleep during my pregnancy. It has been two nights that I have slept without it since I got pregnant, and both nights were to torture it.

This body pillow is the only thing that supports my back, hips, and stomach while feeling comfortable. At least, as healthy as they can sense when carrying a small human inside.

Keep reading this PharMedoc Pregnancy Pillow review to get the idea on the feature and benefits. You will amaze that why this is rated as one of the best pregnancy pillow in the market:-


  • It helps in relieving back pain associated with pregnancy.
  • The C-shaped design helps improve blood circulation.
  • The body pillow is hypoallergenic and contains no harmful substances such as latex or lead. It is also BPA-free.
  • It comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty. (Read it carefully.)
  • It is guaranteed 100% satisfaction.
  • It supports you during nursing, lounging, pregnancy, or a back injury.
  • The pillow cover is removable and machine washable.
  • People relate it to sleeping on a soft cloud. Have you ever thought that pregnancy sleep would be compared to sleeping on a cloud? Me too! You can read the reviews and check the price on Amazon.


  • The removable cover is a bit difficult to zipping and open.
  • The pillow cover may be different when adjusting the pillow to your liking. Overall, The body pillow received fantastic reviews, but it was a complaint made by some. Like many pros of this body pillow, overcome any negatives.

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Product Specification

Product NamePharmedoc C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Items Weight7.05 pounds
Dimension61.8 x 29.1 x 5.9 inches
Cover StyleZipper
Material TypeJersey Knit Cotton Cover
AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐ ☆ 4.5/5
Price$ 47.95

PharmeDoc Pregnancy Pillow Review & Features

There are many types of pregnancy pillows currently available in the sleep industry market. So you must review the features and benefits they can lend you before making a final decision.

Your sleeping preferences are specific to you even when you are not pregnant, and it is essential to keep your particular needs and desires in mind in a supportive pillow.

Because everyone’s shape and size vary from one to another, especially during pregnancy stages, taking the time to review the details of a next body pillow purchase should not be taken lightly.

1) Unique Ergonomic C Shaped Design

The PharMeDoc pregnancy pillow’s wonderful C-shape can be used in several ways, but it is specifically built to help to sleep on the left side. The reason is that side sleeping is the most healthy and comfortable position for you and your baby during pregnancy.

But one preference does not equal others. In the end, you have to find the best sleeping position for yourself that makes you comfortable and have a great night’s sleep.

2) Polyester Fiber Filling:-

This body pillow is filled with naturally hypoallergenic polyester fiber with a medium to medium plush feel.

It is slightly softer compare with many other pregnancy pillows with a filling that distributes well and keeps your weight well supported.

Polyfill is one of the most popular pillow fillers because of how strong it allows support as well as breathing.

It does not seem to bump or shift on one side or the other of the pillow, and it keeps a beautiful, even surface.

Pharmedoc C Shape Full Body Pillow
Pharmedoc Double Stitch

3) 100% Zippered, Cotton Jersey Cover:-

Unlike a smooth, cotton, or cotton blend material. PharMeDoc knits a soft, 100% cotton jersey to increased breathability as well as a softer feel against your skin.

The jersey knit is a T-shirt-like material explicitly made for stretch and comfort. It helps to remove body moisture and retain heat.

4) Double-Stitch Seams

Stitch seams are important in a pregnancy pillow as it determines how long this body pillow will last for.

Many of the pregnancy pillows in the market do not have double-stitch seams which cause the pillow to rip at the seams.

You won’t want to get a pregnancy pillow that easily ripping at the seams during your pregnancy. If it happens to me I will quite pissed off.

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow Benefits

PharMedoc pregnancy pillow offers you a number of amazing benefits to provide you with relief during your pregnancy.

Let’s check out its benefits one by one.

1) Good for Surgical Patient

Pharmedoc specializes in orthopedic bed pillow support. Same to this PharMedoc C Shaped pregnancy pillow, it definitely has the design factor to help in this area.

It generally helps in spinal pain, orthopedic pain, and joint pain. Practically, this body pillow will easily mitigate the pain related to all types of body joints.

Therefore, if you are suffering body pain issue whether you are or not a pregnant woman. It will help you to achieve better goals for body alignment.

Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow

2) Supportive in All Stages Pregnancy

Whether you are in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd trimester. This body pillow will cover you in all stages of your pregnancy.

It reduces discomfort and makes it possible to sleep. It has been challenging for me to adjust myself to sleep, but the way this body pillow fits around my body makes it difficult for me to do anything else.

It can wrap my legs to one side, so my hips align more, and my back is fully supported due to the pillow’s other side.

I can also rest my stomach on the pillow, which seems necessary. I am enough to keep me steady, but not so firm that it hurts ultimately, any less firm, and I don’t think it would be quite useful.

3) Multi-Purpose Pillow

You can place this pillow on your bed, couch, sofa, or even the floor in a variety of configurations!

You can use it even after your pregnancy such as relaxing, reading books, watching tv, breastfeeding and etc.

Also, for surgical patients who suffering body pain, it is pretty useful too as it can help surgical patients to relieve that joint pressure pain efficiently.

4) Easy to Bring Along

This pregnancy body pillow comes with a beautiful travel storage bag. This travel storage bag makes it easy for you to bring along whenever you are traveling.

Pharmedoc - Multi Purpose

Best Things For Which Pharmedoc Pregnancy Pillow:-

PharMeDoc promises to help ease your back, hips, knees, neck, and head associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more.” And this is not just a gimmick:

Experts have said that body pillows are high during pregnancy: Dr. Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Health. 

“A good body pillow provides support to maintain muscles and bones in a good state, thus reducing discomfort.”Dr. Iffath Hoskins told Romper.

Common Q&A

1) What Is The Size Of This Pillow?

There is different variant of pillow for your selection with different sizes but basically the size is as follow:-

Length57 – 62 inches
Width30 inches
Thickness6-7 inches
Weight7 – 8 lbs


2) Does The Pillow Stay Fluffy and Firm?

Definitely, Many moms have been using this for many months and it still stays fluffy and firm. This is because this pregnancy pillow is using high quality filler that not easily get flat

3) What Is The Filler Made Of?

The Filler is made of polyster fiber which is hypoallergenic in nature.  It fill by medium amount ot polyfill to keep this pillow soft and comfortable.

Polyster fiber has great air circulation to the pillow that makes the pillow cool.

4) Is The Pillow Durable?

Definitely, there is no doubt about the durability of this pillow. The material used to fill the pillows is of high quality, hypoallergenic and the cover is really soft yet strong in nature.  Furthermore, it sew by double stitch seams rather than single seam. This helps to keep this pregnancy pillow last longer.

5) Can I Use the Pillow Even After Pregnancy?

Definitely, Pregnancy pillow is not only been used by pregnant women. Even you are not pregnant, you can also use this pillow as the goal is help to relieve pain and provide you the best comfort You can still use it for sleeping, reading books, watching TV, etc. even after your maternity period.

6) Is it Washable?

Yes, This body pillow can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth. The body pillow cover is zipper removable and machine washable for quick and easy cleaning. Pillow cover will still be soft and comfy even after 300+ washes.

Bottom Line

Like many other full-body pregnancy pillows, this C shaped design is easy to manipulate in other forms for different support depending on your needs. Side sleepers can use long-term body pillows that support their shoulders, head, neck, and abdomen.

Without any doubt, PharMedoc is one of the best pregnancy pillow in the market that you can rest assure on the quality.

I like it because I can lift that side and be accessible on the bed, causing me to be lazy, but trust me: it’s hard to get to bed after getting pregnant.

Overall, I do not invest in PharMeDoc early in my pregnancy, I will be irate, and in a lot of pain. When I traveled, I still tucked it around several hotels that I had met Belfop, despite the looks.

And I also recommend it for someone who is not pregnant but suffers from back or hip pain or something like that: this body pillow provides ideal support and definitely helps you a lot.

I hope my pharmedoc pregnancy pillow review will help you to have an idea and helping you to make a better decisions.

If you still hesitate, Do explore our other review to help you better in your decision-making.

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